Kelz from Too Hot to Handle's height explored: Is he the tallest cast member?

Too Hot to Handle has quickly become one of the most binge-worthy shows Netflix has to offer. If you think you can struggle away from the clasp of this deliciously trashy TV, think again.

When it launched on Friday, April 17th, the show introduced us to a whole new cast of ridiculously attractive singletons to gush over. Given its international feel, we had everyone from the classic Essex girl to the spiritual California dude.

One of the core cast members was Kelz Dyke, the American football player from London.

Kelz ended up in a love triangle with Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey, which resulted in the two men comparing their ‘alpha’ status. Given that Harry Jowsey stands at 6 ft 5, many have noticed that Kelz is even taller. So what is Kelz’s height?

Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Kelz from Too Hot to Handle?

Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke is a 26 year old from London.

He currently plays for the British-based American football team London Warriors. The club is based in Thornton Heath, London which was initially formed as the London Cobras back in 2007.

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Before Kelz was playing football, he studied for a degree in International Finance and Trade. Kelz graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2015.

Kelz worked as a personal trainer during his studies. He later landed a job as a consultant at the recruitment agency Aerotek.

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Kelz Dyke: Height

Kelz is 6 ft 6.

The American football player is a linebacker, a defensive role on the team which requires players to be exceptionally tall.

It’s no wonder Sharron Townsend, who is just 5 ft 8, felt intimidated when he saw Kelz and Harry walk in together!

How tall is the rest of the Too Hot to Handle cast?

Out of all of the boys, Kelz is the tallest. Harry is stands just one inch shorter, at 6 ft 5, which is the same height as Matthew Stephen Smith.

David Birtwistle is 5 ft 11.

Sharron Townsend is the smallest at 5 ft 8, which is the same height as Francesca Farago.

Harry and Kelz in Too Hot to Handle – Netflix




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