Too Hot to Handle: Lydia Clyma hits it off with David - are they still together?

Reality TV fans across the world have all tuned into Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. Given it’s Love Island-esque premise with even juicier twists and turns, it’s not hard to see why.

But as the show accepted applicants from around the world, British viewers might be surprised to see someone they recognise from another reality series.

Episode 6 welcomes three new ‘Grenades’ to the show, and former Ibiza Weekender star Lydia Clyma is one of them.

Find out everything you need to know about Lydia here, from ITV appearances to Netflix’s hottest new show.

Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E6 – Netflix

Who is Lydia Clyma?

Lydia is originally from Portsmouth, England and before she was working as a full-time model and Instagram influencer, Lydia worked as a massage therapist. Lydia also works as an MMA ring girl as she revealed on the show.

She is 23 years old. From some digging, we found that Lydia’s grandmother is from Mauritius.

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Lydia Clyma on Ibiza Weekender

In November 2018, Lydia appeared as a guest on series 7 of Ibiza Weekender. She signed up to the show with a pal for a nice weekend partying away in Ibiza, but did not anticipate to catch the eye of holiday rep Jordan Davies.

Speaking to Lydia on the first night, Jordan called her “the most beautiful, most attractive, most stunning girl” and then followed by a proposal. It seemed to work though, as the two were quickly necking on. Nothing really came from that holiday fling, but it did see Lydia’s Instagram following rocket.

But that’s not the only British reality series Lydia has starred in, as she also appeared on the E4 series Sex Testers!

Screen Shot: Weekender Boat Party, ITV2, Jordan Davies and Lydia

Lydia and David on Too Hot to Handle

London personal trainer David Birtwistle was immediately caught by Lydia. Claiming he could see her “piercing” eyes “from a mile off,” we knew that David was all in for Lydia.

And things were taken to the next level between them as a couple, costing the house $3,000 for a kiss and then taking a steamy shower together.

Of the 314 people that Lydia follows on Instagram, David is one of them! As they both follow each other, things can’t have landed on too sour a note.

But as with Love Is Blind, the cast of Too Hot to Handle have kept tight-lipped about who stayed together from the show.

Follow Lydia Clyma on Instagram

All these reality TV appearances are doing wonders to Lydia’s Instagram follower count. Just under a year and a half ago, Lydia had only 6,000 followers.

Now, Lydia has over 20,000 followers and counting.

You can check out the Too Hot to Handle star on Instagram under the handle @lydiaclyma




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