Too Hot to Handle's Matt was in this New Girl episode: He starred as male model Gino!

Ever since Too Hot to Handle kicked off on Netflix on Friday, April 17th, its become one of the most watched, most talked-about shows of the moment.

Matthew Stephen Smith was one of the ten original singletons taking on the reality TV show, who had no clue what was in store for him when he signed up. Thinking that the holiday would be more ‘fun in the sun’ than celibate personal development, Matt was one who definitely stumbled at the challenge and departed early from the series.

Considering he claimed to not really believe in monogamy, it’s not hard to see why!

Although Matt’s departure hardly came as a surprise, what has surprised fans more is news that the Jesus-esque male model has starred in a major TV series. So, what episode of New Girl was Matt from Too Hot to Handle in?

Screenshot: New Girl S1 E24 – Amazon

Matt on Too Hot to Handle

Matthew Stephen Smith – AKA Jesus to many Too Hot to Handle fans – is originally from Denver, Colorado but is now based in Los Angeles. Matt was born on February 2nd, 1990 making him 30 years old.

Over the years since leaving high school, Matt has had multiple career paths from American football to Landscape Architecture. But it is his most recent endeavour for which he is most well-known.

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Matt is currently a model and actor, and it’s not hard to see why with one glance over his Instagram. From long flowing locks to tattoos and a chiselled jawline, Matt has built himself up to be picture-perfect.

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What episode of New Girl was Matt in?

Matthew Stephen Smith starred in the very first season of New Girl as Gino. This was way back in 2012.

Matt appeared in just one episode, ‘See Ya’ (episode 24), as a male model who works alongside CeCe (Hannah Simone).

Starring as Gino, Matt causes a commotion between CeCe and Schmidt (Max Greenfield), as Schmidt becomes increasingly jealous of the fact they work together.

But it’s only a brief appearance with Matt uttering just a couple of lines.

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Screenshot: New Girl S1 E24 – Amazon

What else has Matt acted in?

Matt’s first-ever TV role was as an unnamed bartender in The Young and Restless in 2012.

Besides New Girl, Matt has starred in a series of TV shows and short films. From his IMDb profile, we even found that Matt has starred as Jesus in 2019’s The Commissioning! This is potentially why he had those long locks during the filming of Too Hot to Handle, as the series was also filmed in 2019.

Matt is also known for starring as a contestant in cycle 21 of America’s Next Top Model (2014), although he did not make it very far into the competition.




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