Netflix: Meet the Too Hot to Handle Latino cast on Instagram

Netflix: Meet the Too Hot to Handle Latino cast on Instagram

Netflix’s hit dating show Too Hot to Handle has been one of the hottest reality shows on TV and it was a fan-favourite right from the very start.

So, it was no surprise when Netflix started to venture out and produce spinoffs around the globe, Too Hot to Handle: Brazil and the upcoming Too Hot to Handle: Latino.

But who are the sexy Latin American and Spanish singletons from the first season of Too Hot to Handle: Latino? Read on to find out all about them!

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Who are the sexy singletons from Too Hot to Handle: Latino?

Manuela – Colombia

Manuela is a fashion model from Colombia. In her opening on Too Hot to Handle: Latino she says: “We Colombians are hot and what do I want at this point in my life have sex until I can’t move”. Well, let’s just wait and see what Lana has to say about that…

Joel – Mexico

Joel is an actor and model from Mexico. He describes himself as a proud Mexican and says that he is at the retreat “to meet girls baby” and that he “loves women, I can’t help it, a look can say it all”. Smouldering look loading…

Carolina – Mexico

Carolina describes herself as having a strong personality and being very dominant. She also claims to be very loyal, but don’t cross her as she has an extremely short fuse. This fiery Mexican already has a following of 29.7k on Instagram.

Israel – Mexico

Israel is definitely the joker of the group. Not only that, he is a marine biologist and a model too. He says he “loves the beach and bikinis”. Isn’t this guy just the full package?

Nico – Argentina

Another model in the retreat! When asked what he enjoys most in life? Nico responded “My friends, family, barbecues but above all… women”. He also describes himself as a sex addict.

Zaira- Espana

Zaira is from Valencia, and she says that she does a bit of everything. She owns a clothing store and sings too. In her opening on Too Hot to Handle: Latino she says “I like it when a man knows how to move”.

Dadvian – Mexico

Dadvian describes himself as always getting crazy and out of control. He says that he’s very rough in the bedroom and he likes sweat and screams. So, watch out girls you’re in for a crazy ride.

Flor – Argentina

Flor is a personal trainer with 244k followers on Instagram. She says that she swears a lot, and likes both men and women. The Argentinian also says that she is very talented with her mouth. So make sure you’re watching Too Hot to Handle: Latino to find out exactly what she means…

Lilian – Mexico

Lilian is an actress and fitness model and she describes herself as “everything and more”. Like Flor, she also likes men and women. Lilian is also the owner of her own snacks company @mibocadofit.

Nick – Colombia

Nick is the life and soul of the party and he even entered the retreat saying: “Where are the party people at?”. The fashion model describes himself as fun and that anyone in his company will definitely have a good time. The Colombian hunk also said: “I attract women like bees to honey”.

What is the prize money for Too Hot to Handle: Latino?

When you throw a group of young, horny sex addicts from Latin America and Spain together in a tropical paradise with the rule that they must refrain from any sexual acts for 40 days and 40 nights, the results could be anything…

Lana is always watching and deducting money from the prize fund for rule breaks, but how much is the prize?

The winner is set to receive $100,000 dollars, so everyone will keep their urges in check right? We’ll just have to wait and see about that!

Where is the hit Netflix show filmed?

Like the other global variations of Too Hot to Handle, the Latino spinoff is also filmed at a relaxing, exotic destination, as well as a beach hotel which is a no-sex zone.

Too Hot to Handle: Latino is actually filmed in sunny Mexico, south of the United States of America.



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