Netflix: Where is Too Hot to Handle, Latino filmed?

Netflix: Where is Too Hot to Handle, Latino filmed?

Too Hot to Handle has become one of the hottest dating shows around and has fast become a fan favourite.

So, it was no surprise when Netflix started to venture out and produce spinoffs around the globe, Too Hot to Handle: Brazil and the upcoming Too Hot to Handle: Latino.

Where is the sunny retreat the singletons will be calling home for the next 40 days?

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Where is Too Hot to Handle: Latino filmed?

Every Too Hot to Handle is filmed in a relaxing, exotic location with a beach hotel with stunning seafront views and Too Hot to Handle: Latino is no different!

Too Hot to Handle: Latino has actually been shot in Mexico, south of the United States of America. At the time of recording, Mexico was a safer bet of filming location due to the travel restrictions that could be imposed in the majority of the nations in Latin America.

This retreat has all of the luxurious amenities the singletons could dream of including a private beach, pool, outdoor exercise space and much more!

Who are the cast of Too Hot to Handle: Latino?

Interestingly, the cast for Too Hot to Handle: Latino comprises of fashion models who are all extremely horny and ready for a summer filled with escapades!

The cast is from both Latin America and Spain, from proud Mexican Joel to the life and soul of the party, Nick. The other boys, Israel, Nico and Dadvian will definitely bring the heat to the retreat. In terms of the girls, Carolina, Zaira, Manuela, Flor and Lilian they are also all ready for a wild summer.

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What is the prize money for the hit Netflix show?

When you throw a group of young, horny sex addicts from Latin America and Spain together in a tropical paradise with the rule that they must refrain from any sexual acts for 40 days and 40 nights, the results could be anything…

Lana is always watching the singletons to see if any rule breaks have been happening and deducting money from the prize fund at the same time, but how much is the prize the winner will receive?

The winner is set to receive a whopping $100,000 dollars as long as they can refrain from any sexual activities… but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that!



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