Who is Tabitha from Too Hot To Handle season 2? Instagram and age explored!

Who is Tabitha from Too Hot To Handle season 2? Instagram and age explored!

It’s always hard showing up late to the party or joining a game after it’s already begun. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s never too late to make an impression.

The sophomore season of Too Hot To Handle is welcoming some late-stage additions in the form of Tabitha, Elle and Joey. They showed up, to the other cast members surprise (or dismay for some), in episode 6’s beach party.

Season 2 has been staggered over a two-week period. The first four episodes released to Netflix on Wednesday, June 23rd. The next six released a week later, on Wednesday, June 30th.

If you’ve already binged through the latest batch of episodes, you might be wanting to know more about bombshell entry Tabitha Clifft. We found Tabitha on Instagram to get to know her better… here’s what we found.

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Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Who is Tabitha from Too Hot To Handle season 2?

Tabitha Clifft is the latest addition to the Netflix reality show. She is a model, entrepreneur, and a certified Integrated Nutritionist and Health Coach.

London-based Tabitha is thought to be born in 1994, making her around 27 years old.

She made an explosive entrance to Too Hot To Handle season 2, arriving with Elle on a jet-ski. Tabitha instantly caught to eye of both Chase DeMoor and Marvin Anthony. Chase is newly split from Carly Lawrence, so does this mean there could be romance on the cards? Either way, Tabitha claimed she was ready “to f*** s*** up,” so it’s clear she won’t mind treading on anyone’s toes.

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So, what does Tabitha Clifft’s job entail?

Tabitha is a recently certified Integrated Nutritionist and Health Coach. She obtained her certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in June 2020.

This certificate supports the work Tabitha does with her own brand, GLOW by Tabitha.

Tabitha’s wellness journey started at a young age. This came after a period of heavy drinking and partying in her late teens. At the age of 17, Tabitha left London and moved to Bali. On the GLOW website, Tabitha explains: “I fell into a whole new way of living. It was a blessing. I was between Bali and Australia for 3 years and every day was a discovery of my passion for healthy living and eating.” Last year saw Tabitha expand her health journey to include fitness, specifically weight training.

Now, Tabitha has incorporated all of her fitness and healthy eating tips into a wellness brand. GLOW has two programmes: The 4 Week Glow Up and the Bubble Butt Builder.

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Exploring Tabitha’s Instagram

As you may already have guessed from Tabitha Clifft’s career, the majority of her Instagram feed is dominated by wellness and fitness content, as well as regular Influencer-style snaps.

Tabitha also shares fashion images that inspire her – often Vogue covers – alongside her own modelling work.

Already, Tabitha has over 9,700 followers on the social media platform. We’re sure this is going to rocket, as we’ve seen with the other cast members, after her Too Hot To Handle season 2 appearance.

Check out Tabitha’s profile @tabitha.clifft.



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