Buy the Too Hot to Handle cups here: Copper Moscow mule mugs seen on Netflix dating show!

Too Hot to Handle is the latest addition to Netflix’s reality TV roster, joining the likes of The Circle and Love Is Blind, which both captured the world’s attention when they aired earlier this year.

On the surface, the dating show is hardly novel. We tune in as toned and tanned singles get whisked away on a beach holiday to fall in love with one another; it’s hardly a new premise. But Too Hot to Handle has a juicy twist, as the singles are banned from all sexual activity – which even extends to self-gratification – throughout the one-month experiment.

Now that concept inevitably brings its fair share of drama, but the onscreen antics is not the only thing catching the viewers’ eyes.

Fans have been desperately searching for the copper mugs which the Too Hot to Handle cast are always spotted drinking out of. So, where are they from?

Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E3 – Netflix

What are the Too Hot to Handle cups?

The cups they use throughout Too Hot to Handle are actually copper Moscow mule mugs.

A Moscow mule is a cocktail made with vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice. Obviously the cast aren’t always drinking Moscow mules when they have these cups on screen, but they do tend to use them in the evenings rather than daytime.

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Viewers have been desperate to find out where to get their hands on them. One viewer even tweeted that she had “watched all of #TooHotToHandle but all I want to know is where those mugs are from”

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Where to get the Moscow mule mugs

Fortunately, it’s rather easy to get cups just like the ones seen on Too Hot to Handle, wherever you are in the world.

The copper Moscow mule mugs they use are the standard shape and format for the cocktail’s glass, so it’s relatively easy to find an exact copy.

Check out the mug we found online from VonShef. Costing just £11.99, these cups come in at a bargain! You can find them online here.

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Screenshot: Moscow Mule Mugs – VonShef website




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