Too Hot to Handle drinking game - play along on Netflix Party!

Too Hot to Handle – AKA the perfectly trashy new reality series we’ve all been waiting for – finally landed on Netflix on Friday, April 17th.

The dating series follows a group of ridiculously attractive singles holidaying on a beautiful Mexican resort, as they face up to the ultimate test for serial daters: abstaining from any form of sexual contact. No kissing, no heavy petting, nada.

As you can imagine, it comes as quite the challenge for this bunch, but the incentive is a mega $100,000 cash prize. So, who will choose: money or sex?

Although the show is enough to keep you entertained, we’ve devised a drinking game to make it all the more enjoyable. So kick back, relax, and get hammered with this Too Hot to Handle drink-a-long.

Too Hot to Handle

You will need…

  • A bunch of pals on Netflix Party
  • Plenty of alcohol (beers and spirits)
  • Shot glasses
  • Pint glasses
  • Something to watch Too Hot to Handle on

Too Hot to Handle drinking game: The rules

The rules are simple, pour your drinks, get all your shots lined up and ready an episode.

Rule #1

Take a sip every time the contestants nearly break a rule – e.g. when they talk about how close they got to kissing, or say the words “I really want to kiss you”

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Rule #2

Take a shot every time someone breaks a rule

Rule #3

Take a sip every time someone mentions that Kelz is “The Accountant”

Rule #4

Take a sip every time Matthew talks about being “deep”

Too Hot to Handle

Rule #5

Take a shot every time the amount of prize money left is announced

Rule #6

Take a shot every time Harry calls Francesca his “naughty little possum,” in fact, just take a shot any time Harry says “naughty” just to get through it

Rule #7

Take a shot every time someone cries

Rule #8

Down your drink if anyone has sex

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