Too Hot to Handle: 'Grenade' Bryce Hirschberg's age, career and Instagram explored

Too Hot to Handle has finally arrived, launching to Netflix on Friday, April 17th.

The series kicks off with ten attractive singles from all over the world spending one month on a romantic paradisiacal holiday in Mexico. But they aren’t the only ones looking for love, as the series drops some ‘Grenades’ throughout – basically the Too Hot to Handle equivalent to Love Island’s Bombshell entries.

The first ‘Grenade’ to enter the series is Bryce Hirschberg, a classically Cali dude who works in film and has a yacht.

So who is Bryce? Find out about the Too Hot to Handle star here.

Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E3 – Netflix

Who is Bryce?

Bryce Hirschberg is a 29-year-old man of many talents. He works as a writer, producer, actor and director.

Bryce studied Film Production at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

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Some of his most notable creative work includes the 2018 film Counterfeiters. This was a development from his senior thesis and gained Bryce some attention, as it earned multiple wins at film festivals. Some of these wins include Best Director Drama and Best Picture Drama at Film Fest LA, the Guerilla Award at Filmchilla, and the Silver Award at the North American Film Awards.

Bryce is also a singer/ songwriter and is working on his debut album as a solo artist.

Bryce on Too Hot to Handle

Bryce did not enter the Netflix dating series until episode 3, as a surprise to all the other ten singles.

But the real surprise was in store for Bryce when he discovered what Too Hot to Handle was really all about. Considering he introduced himself as someone who “has sex everyday,” we think this is going to provide some real character development and willpower for Bryce.

It was Essex girl Chloe Veitch who caught Bryce’s eye, but unfortunately for Bryce he landed himself in the ‘friend zone’ as she did not feel the spark.

Follow Bryce Hirschberg on Instagram

Since appearing on Too Hot to Handle, Bryce’s Instagram following has rocketed. On the first day of broadcast, Bryce had an Instagram following of over 11,000, plus that blue tick of verification by his name. But just a couple of days later, Bryce has over 38,000 followers and counting.

From the looks of Bryce’s Instagram, he also runs a business with his brother, Barret, called Boat Chronicles. Boat Chronicles, we take is, is just a party boat run by the two Hirschberg bros.

You can follow Bryce on Instagram under the handle @brycehirschberg.




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