Lydia Clyma's ethnicity explained: Too Hot to Handle fans shocked by David's comment

Lydia Clyma has made quite the impression since she entered Netflix’s new dating series Too Hot to Handle.

The Plymouth ring girl and reality star entered the show in episode 6, appearing as one of the series’ ‘Grenades’ – basically, the equivalent of a Love Island ‘Bombshell’.

Lydia instantly caught the attention of London fitness and health coach David Birtwistle, and the two hit it off. But some of David’s comments regarding Lydia’s ethnicity have caught the attention of viewers, and they aren’t happy about his description of Lydia.

So, what is Lydia Clyma’s ethnicity? What did David say which shocked Netflix fans?

Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E6 – Netflix

Meet Lydia Clyma

Lydia is a 23-year-old MMA ring girl originally from Portsmouth. Portsmouth is a small seaside city on the south east coast of England.

Before Lydia appeared on Too Hot to Handle, she’d also appeared on several British reality shows such as Ibiza Weekender and Sex Testers.

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She now has a role as full-time model and Influencer while also working the rings, but before any of these careers, Lydia was working as a massage therapist.

Lydia Clyma’s ethnicity explained

Back in 2018, when Lydia appeared on Ibiza Weekender, we found out her heritage. Lydia’s grandmother is from Mauritius.

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar.

Lydia has now included her Mauritian heritage in her Instagram bio to clear up some of the confused Too Hot to Handle fans. Lydia has even replied to her fans on Instagram, as when asked her ethnicity, she now replies that she is Mauritian.

It is unconfirmed where the rest of Lydia’s family is from.

What did David say about Lydia?

In episode 6 when David Birtwistle described his type, he said:

I definitely think Lydia is my type. Dark skin, dark hair, beautiful eyes. Realistically, I’m like ‘Jesus, I could just kiss you’.

This comment on her skin shocked a few viewers.

One viewer tweeted: “David – “Lydia’s my type *Darkskin* dark hair” We looking at the same girl orrr?”

Another added: “Wait did he just say Lydia has dark skin? Is he blind? She is literally white”




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