Who is Nicole from Too Hot to Handle? Find out about the Netflix star from Ireland on Instagram

Too Hot to Handle is the dating show we’ve all been waiting for, to whisk us away from the monotony of everyday life stuck in quarantine.

The new Netflix series launched on Friday, April 17th with all eight episodes and already we’re hooked.

Given that the series accepted applications from all around the world, there’s a real mix of accents from SoCal to Australia, but undeniably Ireland’s Nicole O’Brien stands out.

So who is Nicole? Find out everything you need to know about the Too Hot to Handle star here…

Nicole in Too Hot to Handle

Who is Nicole?

Nicole O’Brien is originally from Cork, Ireland.

As of yet, Nicole has kept pretty tight-lipped about her career and background on the series. We know that she graduated from UCC in 2018 with a degree in Commerce but it is unclear what Nicole does as a job.

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She currently lives in Greenwich, London and from the looks of her Instagram embodies somewhat of the Influencer lifestyle and occasionally models. Nicole also describes herself as a “public figure” on Instagram.

Nicole on Too Hot to Handle

When we are introduced to Nicole she calls herself “a professional drinker,” which she then followed up by stating: “I’m a big party girl, it’s probably the Irish in me.”

Nicole seems to be somewhat of a serial dater, as she ditches guys who get too attached. In episode 1 she explained:

The lads that I’ve been dating, within three dates they tell me that they’re falling for me and then I’m like “ew, no” and give them the snip.

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Follow Nicole on Instagram

All of the Too Hot to Handle cast seem to have large Instagram followings – as is the way with reality stars these days, even before they’ve become reality stars – and Nicole already has over 9,000 IG followers.

But we’re sure this figure will rocket in just a matter of time!

You can find out more about Nicole by checking her out on Instagram under the handle @nicole.ob. Unsurprisingly, the majority of her Insta feed fits the bill of Instagram Influencer, with snaps of her glammed up for dinners out and heading to some of the best clubs London has to offer.




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