Netflix confirms Too Hot To Handle reunion episode will air in May 2020

Ever since Too Hot to Handle launched on Friday, April 17th it became one of the most watched, most talked about shows around the world.

Joining the likes of The Circle US and Love Is Blind, this latest dating series has proved that Netflix has found the golden formula for reality TV: bizarre, dystopic premises mixed with ridiculously attractive OTT cast members.

The series follows a group of singles as they head to a dreamy Mexican holiday destination and put their will power to the test. Over one month, they will be required to not engage with any sexual activity. If they succumb to temptation, then the prize money drops.

Money at stake? A beachy retreat full of sexually frustrated singles? It’s no wonder this show blew up overnight.

Given that most Netflix viewers have binge-watched all eight episodes, many are hoping that Too Hot to Handle will follow in the footsteps of Love Is Blind with a juicy reunion episode. So, will there be a Too Hot to Handle reunion?


When was Too Hot to Handle filmed?

The series was filmed way back in April 2019. They filmed over the course of four weeks for the experiment.

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That means, if any of the couples actually were successful from the show, then right about now they would be spending their first anniversary together! Well, permitting that they are quarantining together.

Too Hot to Handle was filmed at Casa Tau in Mexico, a luxurious holiday destination which will set you back $13,500 a night according to Bustle.

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Will there be a Too Hot To Handle reunion episode?

Yes! There will be a Too Hot To Handle reunion episode on Friday, May 8th. It will be called Extra Hot: The Reunion.

Francesca Farago lead us to believe in her Esquire interview that a reunion was off the cards. Francesca said:

I don’t know because of quarantine. If there was no quarantine, I would personally have thought there would be one. But with quarantine, I don’t know if that’s gonna happen.

But the Too Hot To Handle team have worked around the quarantine and managed to organise a follow-up show with the cast over Zoom. It will be hosted by the show’s narrator Desiree Burch and feature interviews with the cast.

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Follow up with the Too Hot to Handle cast

As the Too Hot to Handle cast members now have mega social media followings, it’s hardly a surprise that they are capitalising on this, creating more content for us to consume.

David Birtwistle has created his own YouTube account where he reacts to the episodes and gives the insider scoop on filming. You can view David’s videos here and see what he thinks of Too Hot To Handle!

You can subscribe to Harry’s YouTube channel for the latest updates on his relationship with Francesca Farago. Check out this adorable compilation Harry made of his best moments with Francesca over the past year. No, you’re crying.




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