Meet Rhonda Paul from Too Hot to Handle: Netflix star's university, job and Instagram

If you were looking for a new reality series to keep you entertained over the coming weeks, while the world remains on standstill, then Netflix has just the show for you.

Too Hot to Handle is the latest addition to their roster of wacky reality series, joining the likes of Love Is BlindThe Circle and 100 Humans. 

The principle of the show is pretty basic, akin to Love Island in many ways: ten ridiculously good looking singles descend on a dreamy holiday destination to fall in love with one another. However, Too Hot to Handle has a twist. Unlike other dating shows, this one strictly forbids any form of sexual contact – yes, that even includes kissing.

One of the contestants taking on this challenge is Rhonda Paul. So just who is Rhonda?

Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Rhonda?

Rhonda Paul is originally from Georgia, USA and is a model and owner of jewellery brand, PureLuXX.

We found a user on LinkedIn under the name of Rhonda Paul who is most likely to be Rhonda from Too Hot to Handle. In Rhonda’s LinkedIn photo, she is wearing blue contact lenses, which leads to some confusion.

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This Rhonda Paul is from Lithia Springs, Georgia. Rhonda studied for a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Old Dominion University. Rhonda studied at Old Dominion from 2009 to 2014.

In her introductory interview on Too Hot to Handle, Rhonda admits that she “would rate [her]self a ten out of ten.” And her confidence is definitely not going unnoticed as she has picked up attention from multiple male contestants.

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Rhonda on Too Hot to Handle

Speaking about her type to her contestants, Rhonda explained:

Goofy, has some body to them – you know not scrawny – and we don’t have any of those, so I’m pretty happy right now.

Initially it looked like Londoner David Birtwistle caught Rhonda’s eye and the two hit it off. But David wasn’t the only man throwing his hat in the ring, as Sharron Townsend also expressed an interest.

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Follow Rhonda Paul on Instagram

Already, the majority of the Too Hot to Handle cast have large Instagram followings. Rhonda already has over 10,000 followers!

Follow Rhonda under the Instagram handle @imrhondapaul.

Rhonda is under the same Twitter username.




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