Too Hot to Handle is finally here, offering itself up as the alternative to Love Island and the tamer Netflix dating show Love Is Blind. 

The series will follow a bunch of young, ridiculously attractive singles as they crack on, fall in love, and everything else in between.

But unlike most dating shows – or just reality TV on the whole – which encourages the contestants to get down and dirty, this show requires them to do the opposite. Engage in any form of sexual activity and that $100,000 cash prize drops.

So we thought it best to break down how Too Hot to Handle works and what the rules are.

Too Hot to Handle

What are the Too Hot to Handle rules?

  • No form of sexual contact: kissing, sex, anything under that umbrella

In the synopsis Netflix provided for Too Hot to Handle, they wrote the very clear rule: “No kissing, no heavy petting, and no self-gratification of any kind.”

That currently seems to be the only rule on the show, and everything else is up to the contestants. Unlike Love Island, which has a series of intense rules and regulations in place about what the Islanders can and can’t do – including what they can show on the series – Too Hot to Handle looks like they let the cast run wild.

If they break the one all-important rule, the prize money drops. It is unconfirmed as of yet how much money they lose if someone breaks the rules.

  • MEET THE CAST: We found Too Hot to Handle’s 10 singles on Instagram

How do the contestants fare against the rules?

The contestants are overseen on Too Hot to Handle by an Amazon Alexa-type robot called Lana.

Lana first informs the singles of this no-sex rule and they don’t take it too well.

“As if some robot is telling me I can’t do anything!” exclaims Nicole O’Brien in the first clip, leading us to think they might not all adhere to Lana’s rules.

From the trailer we can see that multiple contestants break the rules in one way or another, and so we’ll have to wait to see how much money they lose throughout! It’ll make a helluva drinking game…

Chloe Veitch on Too Hot to Handle E3



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