Too Hot To Handle Season 2: Who is Elle Monae? Instagram and business explored!

Too Hot To Handle Season 2: Who is Elle Monae? Instagram and business explored!

Too Hot To Handle recently premiered season 2 of the popular reality TV show and episode four teased the arrival of a new contestant named Elle Monae.

Discover all you need to know about upcoming bombshell Elle Monae as we explore her social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok as well as her successful designing business and more.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Who is Elle from Too Hot To Handle season 2?

Too Hot To Handle season two welcomes some late additions to the candidates. Tabitha, Elle and Joey showed up to the other cast members’ surprise in episode six’s beach party.

Elle sure does make an entrance as she navigates a jet ski across the water with Tabitha waving a smoking red flare.

Although Elle does not feature a great deal in the season two trailer, she appears to be on a double date with members Chase, Marvin and fellow newcomer, Tabitha.

Sitting around with them towards the end of the trailer, Elle raises her glass to a ‘deep chat’.

With a love for astrology, it will be interesting to see how Elle brings her meaningful views to the reality show and incorporates her sign’s compatibility.

As a dedicated vegan, Elle often shares her plant-based meals on social media.

Keep scrolling for a greater understanding of Monae and her media platforms.

Exploring Elle Monae’s Instagram

On Instagram, @elle.monae has over 30,000 followers to accompany her fancy feed currently containing over 180 posts.

Elle’s numerous selfies and posey pics make it evident that she is not shy of the camera, hinting at her possible confidence on Too Hot To Handle…

Although her age is not disclosed within her socials, Ellie Monae is thought to be born on January 25th due to an Instagram post whereby she wishes herself a happy birthday.

The reality TV star expresses her interest in astrology online and her January birthday makes her a proud Aquarius.

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According to Aquarius compatibility, the contestant should look to find an Aries, a Libra, a Gemini, or a Sagittarius on the show.

Elle’s online presence does not stop there…

Over on TikTok, @elle.monae has created content including dance challenges, lip-syncing videos and more.

Her astrology interest remains consistent as she shades Gemini’s in the caption of a video explaining the incompatibility of star signs.

Whats more, Elle has previously uploaded videos onto her YouTube channel named Elle Diaries .

From experiments, tutorials and vlogs, the creator sure does enjoy sharing her life experiences with the camera.

Furthermore, find the fashionista on Depop as @elles_ootd where she sells her stylish items shipped from Yellow Spring, United States.

Designer owns astrology business

Elle’s success extends beyond her onscreen feature in season two of Too Hot To Handle.

As a designer, Elle maintains her own product line named Star X Crossed llc, a brand that incorporates her love of astrology with fashion and style.

Star X Crossed produces clothing items as well as accessories that represent various personalised astrological signs.

Shop the reality star’s line over at

Additionally, find Elle’s business on its social media platform as @shopstarxcrossed on Instagram.

Stay up to date with Elle Monae onscreen with the first four THTH episodes having been released to Netflix on June 23rd and the next six released a week later, on June 30th.

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