Too Hot To Handle: Signs that Robert and Christina could still be together!
Netflix: Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot To Handle: Signs that Robert and Christina could still be together!

After Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle revealed power couple Robert and Christina breaking the show’s rules, viewers are now wondering if the pair are still together.

Keep reading as we explore possible signs on social media that the reality TV stars could still be an item!

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Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Meet Robert and Christina

Too Hot To Handle season two shows Christina arriving as a bombshell in Turks and Caicos on episode four.

Christina Carmela is a model and pilot from Cape Town, South Africa and is currently based in London, England.

In her THTH interview, Christina explains that her father is Italian and her mother is Portuguese but she was born in South Africa.

Reportedly, the reality star is 30 years old, as of this year.

With over 185,000 followers on Instagram, @christinacarmelaofficial shares her career experiences as a pilot as well as flawless selfies and more!

Robert Van Tromp also entered Netlfix’s Too Hot To Handle as a bombshell in the fourth episode of season two.

The 29-year-old is UK-based salesman from London, England.

@robertvantromp has over 45,000 Instagram followers and often uploads content of himself travelling.

Too Hot To Handle couple explored

Both entering the second series as bombshells, Robert and Christina sure did stir up the THTH house atmosphere.

Upon arrival, Christina asked to go on a date with Welsh contestant Cam Holmes.

Despite Cam’s onscreen relationship with Emily Miller, the instant attraction led the pair to almost kiss but Cam eventually ended up putting both of the girls off.

Christina then managed to seduce Robert, resulting in some serious rule breaking.


girl nooooo #toohotohandle @christinacarmelaofficial #wtf #fyp

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A 20-second sexual encounter meant the couple lost the house eight thousand dollars in prize money.

Signs that they’re still together!

To many viewers’ disappointment, the couple were then discarded from the reality show and fans are wondering if the two remain together today…

Here’s every social media sign we found that suggests the pair could still be an item:

Over on Christina’s Instagram, the pilot uploaded a post of four images from Too Hot To Handle’s season two launch.

Swipe along to the second post and you’ll spot Robert posing alongside Lana and Christina, as well as Cam standing with THTH partner Emily.

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On Robert’s recent Instagram post displaying the rule-breaking scene from the series, Christina commented a raunchy statement.

After describing herself as lucky, @robertvantromp then responded stating that he is also a lucky guy – hinting that the sexual spark remains!

Screenshot: @robertvantromp Instagram comments

Christina’s TikTok video is filled with comments surrounding her and Robert’s relationship.

When a viewer asked if the pair still talk, @christinacarmelaofficial replied with suggestive emojis.

Screenshot: @christinacarmelaofficial TikTok comments

Another user named @br______c questioned if she is still with Rob and Christina liked the comment.

Screenshot: @christinacarmelaofficial TikTok comments

A post on Robert’s Instagram shows a scene from the series and @christinacarmelaofficial complemented his eyes in the comments.

Screenshot: @robertvantromp Instagram

Christina also left fire emoji’s beneath another Insta post of Robert’s.

Screenshot: @robertvantromp Instagram

So, we definitely know that the attraction is still there, right?

However, Christina then liked a controversial TikTok comment implying that she can do better than Robert…

Screenshot: @christinacarmelaofficial TikTok comments

Do you think they are still together?

Keep up with the reality TV couple on the latest episodes of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix!

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