Too Hot to Handle, despite its bizarre and inevitably trashy TV premise, is the reality show catching the attention of the world.

Following a premise largely similar to Love Island – beach getaway, ridiculously attractive singles, challenges and the like – but with a celibate twist, it’s hardly a surprise that Too Hot to Handle is the talk of the internet.

But what all viewers are really wanting to know is whether the celibacy experiment was a success. So, which Too Hot to Handle couples are still together? We’ve done some digging on Instagram to find out which couples have worked out from the Netflix series.

Be warned, if you have yet to finish the Netflix series, spoilers lie ahead… 

Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul

Sharron and Rhonda

Out of all of the couples on Too Hot to Handle, Sharron and Rhonda were most likely to be a success, given their commitment to the experiment and exploring their feelings for one another.

Speaking to Bustle, Rhonda said:

It felt amazing but scary at the same time. But it was something that I was proud of because me and Sharron really took the time to understand what was happening … because we have both come from such hurtful pasts … we were really about the self development.

Rhonda was careful not to let slip any spoilers about whether she and Sharron were still together, but both follow each other on Instagram and Sharron likes pretty much all of Rhonda’s posts. Now, that’s a pretty good sign if you ask us that they’re still on good terms, if not more.

Harry and Francesca

For the fans of Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago, we have great news. Francesca revealed that she and Harry are still together after the Netflix series!

In an Instagram post, she wrote: “Always been you,” to which Harry replied with: “Love you.” How adorable!

Harry likes nearly all of Frankie’s Instagrams, commenting on a vast majority of her posts. On one Instagram from March 2020, Harry commented: “What I wanna wake up to.”

Another clue that they took their relationship a step further in the outside world is that Harry posted Instagram snaps in Vancouver – Francesca’s hometown – just one month after filming concluded in April 2019. Francesca also visited Queensland in the months following, suggesting that Frarry were doing a world tour!

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David and Lydia

After pursuing both Chloe Veitch and Rhonda Paul, David Birtwistle was proving to be unlucky in love. But that all changed for him when Lydia Clyma entered in episode 6.

There was an instant spark between the two and they eventually got together, losing the group money with the odd kiss here and there.

However, things haven’t seem to work out romantically between the two, given David’s recent Instagram captions, which seem to hint that he is currently single.

But as both David and Lydia follow each other on Instagram, its clear that they are at least friends!



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