What are the watches on Too Hot to Handle for? Netflix cast wear 'green light' wristbands

Too Hot to Handle launched to Netflix on Friday, April 17th and just hours in the dating series is already trending on Twitter around the world. Is this the show which can finally rival Love Island?

The series follows ten singles as they embark on a one-month dreamy summer vacation in Mexico. If they find love and make meaningful connections, at the end of it they might be in with a shot of winning $100,000. But there’s a twist: they aren’t allowed any form of sexual contact. If any of the contests kiss, have sex, or anything else in-between, that prize money drops.

And if the juicy premise isn’t enough to get you hooked, there’s a Black Mirror-esque element, as an AI chaperone called ‘Lana’ oversees the whole challenge.

One thing we have picked up on is that the cast have all worn black wristband watches in the experiment. So, what are the watches they are wearing? Do they have any affect on the challenge?

Nicole in Too Hot to Handle

What are the Too Hot to Handle watches?

The Too Hot to Handle cast are kitted out with watches which light up green when Lana gives them the “green light” for rewards. These rewards come when the cast have shown they are developing.

When the ten singles entered the show, none of them were wearing watches, but by the second day they all had ones on their wrist.

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But we have noticed that the contestants aren’t forced to wear these watches at all times; there have been scenes where they aren’t wearing them and going about their business as usual. We think this is down to editing though, as the watches are only introduced in episode 4.

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What are the ‘green light’ rules?

In episode 4, when the cast received the watches, Lana explained:

When the watches are neutral, the retreat rules apply. When two people form a genuine connection, they’ll be given a green light, for a limited amount of time.

So, Lana’s literally giving the ‘green light’ signal!

How does the Too Hot to Handle experiment work?

You could assume that the watches are something like monitors for the contestants, to keep track of where they are, but we think it’s just for them to tell the time.

The Too Hot to Handle experiment is presided over by the production team through Lana.

When they are not engaging in challenges, the contestants are free to do what they like. For the entire one-month stay at the gorgeous Mexican resort, they are on their own time.

Speaking to Refinery29 about what they’d get up to in the days, Rhonda Paul said:

A lot of swimming. Working on our bodies, talking, getting to know each other because there’s no other outlet. I loved it. They took phones, I said, Here you go. I don’t like the thing anyways.

Chloe Veitch on Too Hot to Handle E3




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