When Too Hot to Handle launched on Friday, April 17th no one could have foreseen the success that the Netflix reality show would have.

The show saw a group of ridiculously good looking singletons from around the world put their libido to the test in a month-long experiment. While on ‘the retreat’, any engagement in sexual activity was strictly forbidden – that means no kissing, no touching, and of course, no sex. If the cast did any of the above, they would have money deducted from their prize fund of a whopping $100,000.

One of the most controversial couples on the show was undoubtedly Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago. Not only did the couple cause the most drama on the retreat, but they also lost the most prize money. But that all was worth it in the end as they walked out of the show as a totally loved-up item.

Since the show aired earlier this year, Francesca and Harry’s tumultuous relationship has been thrust into the spotlight. While things have been looking good for the couple throughout this year, it came as a real shock when Francesca announced their split in June 2020.

So, why did Harry and Francesca break up? Find out what went down with Too Hot to Handle’s most talked-about couple here.

Harry and Francesca – Too Hot to Handle

Why did Harry and Francesca break up?

  • Long distance

Both Harry and Francesca revealed that living far apart was a major reason for their breakup. As the couple did not live in the same city, the long distance relationship life had caused problems for them before. In fact, they broke up just a couple of months after filming Too Hot to Handle in May 2019 as the distance was a problem then.

As the couple had not been quarantining together, the distance may have become more pronounced.

From the statements both made about their breakup, there were clearly other issues. Francesca thought they were in it for the long run, whereas Harry has admitted he felt depressed in the relationship.

Francesca announces break up from Harry Jowsey

On Tuesday, June 16th, Francesca unexpectedly released a tearful YouTube video called “Our Break Up.” In this video she detailed the reasons her and Harry split.

This came as a shocker to many fans given that just three weeks ago Francesca was sharing adorable snaps of the couple to Instagram. In fact, her Instagram feed has been largely dominated by pictures of the two and confessions of her love for him.

In Francesca’s video she said: “I genuinely thought we were going through a rocky period and that we were going to figure it out. I thought we were going to end up together. I thought we were going to get married.”

Not quite what Harry had to say…

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Harry replies to Francesca split

Harry Jowsey surprised all of his fans by releasing a follow-up video titled “I Broke Up With Her,” a day after Francesca released her YouTube video. In this video, 22-year-old Harry shared his side of the story and explained why he felt “seriously depressed” in the relationship.

He explained that they broke up after she visited him in Australia a first time and that left the relationship “damaged.” Harry explained about the first breakup:

There was a big reason why I had to end things with Francesca because I was in a very dark point in my life. There was a lot of stuff going on around me and she was off doing her own thing.

They decided to “give it another go” despite the fact that Harry was still hurt from the first break up. But this did not go well for the two. Harry admitted that “when we saw each other we were always on edge. We’d have the highest highs… the happiest moments in my entire life. But when things were bad, they were really bad.”

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