Why do they click on Too Hot To Handle? Netflix season 2 secrets revealed!

Season two of Too Hot To Handle shows the contestants performing bizarre habits and many viewers are wondering why the cast click

Discover why the reality TV stars click on the show as we reveal the Netflix series facts and hidden secrets!

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Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Why do the contestants click on Too Hot To Handle?

Too Hot To Handle series two has captured moments where the contestants seem to be clicking, but why?

Viewers are curious as to why the stars are shown performing such a bizarre hand gesture…

Season two contestant Emily Miller told Capital that the cast had to click instead of clap due to the sensitivity of their microphones.

The reality star quoted:

“Because of our mics, clapping would be too loud, so we had to adjust and that was what we would do.”

Now that you think about it, clicking actually makes a lot of sense right?

Facts about the Netflix dating series

The Netflix reality dating series surrounds a bunch of singles attempting to refrain from sexual activity while living together for four weeks.

So, we all know that the contestants are encouraged to work on personal growth and build deeper connections with each other as a prize of $100,000 is available upon success.

If the entire group can resist four weeks together with no sexual encounters, a monetary reward is provided.

But, what if cast members decided they were not interested in the money?

Executive producer Ros Coward told Variety that they always stayed one step ahead.

If contestants begin to be uninterested in the money reward, the technology device and regulator named Lana uses the carrot and stick method to punish and reward if needed.

For example, season one contestants Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago were given the opportunity to win back money they had previously lost.

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More of the show’s secrets revealed!

Aside from the random clicking, fans also wonder about their meals since the participants are never shown eating onscreen…

Cam and Emily revealed that although there are no cameras in the kitchen, a lot of conversations occur there and they are provided with three delicious meals a day.

Only having one shower available in a house of 12 people must also be a struggle…

Some contestants would reportedly use the shower on the beach to clean up.

Head over to Netflix to spot more hidden secrets in the dating series Too Hot To Handle!

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