Too Hot To Handle‘s strict protocols have created space for many scandals to unfold. Amid the forbidden romances, love has blossomed between competitors, sorority memberships have crumbled and fines have been handed out.

The Netflix reality show debuted in April 2020, as contestants competed in an effort to win $100,000. The gang lived in a house together for four weeks and were restricted from kissing, self-gratification, and intimate contact.

The grand prize is reduced every time a rule is broken, but that wasn’t the only scandal to go down on and off the show…

Too Hot To Handle’s biggest scandals

Flight disruption and a hefty fine

Credit: Tom Dymond. Picture: Holly Scarfone, Too Hot to Handle, Season 3, Netflix

It would be criminal to talk about the top Too Hot To Handle scandals and not include Beaux, Harry, and Jackson’s arrests.

In May 2021, it was announced that three Too Hot To Handle cast members had been arrested, as per The Tab. The season 3 contestants had just finished filming for the show when news broke they were rude to the staff on their return flight from the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Matthew “Jackson” Mawhinney was refused alcohol and reportedly told staff to “look up who my mum is” on the plane home. While his mom might be a former attorney general, Baroness Scotland, it didn’t stop him from getting arrested after the plane touched down.

In court, it was allegedly heard Mawhinney had received a written warning from the captain, which he then crumpled up and launched across the cabin. The court also heard mid-flight, whilst the seat belt signs were on, Mawhinney began doing press-ups in the aisle.

Jackson allegedly spat on a flight attendant after they asked Harry and Beaux to tone it down after they were seen “kissing and behaving intimately.” It is thought that due to their inappropriate actions, they were refused any more alcohol. Beaux and Harry are said to have become abusive when they were refused drinks.

The three admitted their charges, which included failing to obey a command by the pilot to put on face masks and using threatening and abusive language, at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court.

The cast mates were fined £3,000 each for abusing British Airways staff and have each issued a public apology. This included paying £500 compensation to two flight attendants on the crew.

Kicked out of the sorority and booted off the show

Nathan Webb, Too Hot to Handle season 2, Netflix. Credit: Tom Dymond

Haley Cureton was a popular contestant on the show. She was a college student at the University of North Florida, and she was prone to a sorority scandal.

During her introduction to the show, she told audiences a bit more about herself and stated she was in a sorority called Zeta Tau Alpha in college.

However, it is thought she is no longer in the sorority, due to not “meeting her membership obligations.” Senior Director of Communication Ashley Sherman confirmed her status to Women’s Health at the time.

Sherman wrote: “Zeta Tau Alpha would like to clarify that Haley Cureton is not a member of our organization. Her membership ended in December 2019, prior to the airing of Too Hot To Handle, because she did not meet her membership obligations.”

She continued: “ZTA is a values-based organization and it’s disappointing that Haley’s representation of the sorority experience does not align with the values set by our Creed.”

It appears the sorority wasn’t the only thing Haley was booted out of. She was also kicked off Too Hot To Handle in episode five.

Lana told Haley that “Insufficient progress has been made. Your time in the retreat is over” but fans saw it coming. Not only did she butt heads with her fellow contestants but she also said that she wished there were eliminations so she could go home.

Fran and Harry’s kiss forces cash prize to drop

Harry Johnson Too Hot to Handle

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey were one of the most scandalous couples and they broke the show’s rules multiple times. Firstly by kissing; while it takes two to tango, Harry blamed Francesca for the whole ordeal.

Harry and Fran got into some steamy moments on the show, and their intimacy meant the cash prize dropped significantly. Fran’s fellow contestants took Harry’s side in the saga. The duo received backlash from the rest of the group for costing them $3,000 (£2,400) for their first kiss, as per Metro.

The pair dated on and off after appearing in season 1, they split for eight months after filming concluded. However, they got back together and were even engaged during the reunion special, which aired in May 2020.

However, they eventually called it quits once and for all in 2021.

Francesca Farago lost $32k by refusing the ban

Screenshot: Francesca Farago, Love is Blind: After the Altar, Season 1 Episode 14, Netflix

Fran didn’t stop there. She lost the team $32,000 (£25,800) of the $100,000 (£80,000) prize by refusing to adhere to the no intimacy rules.

She first spent $6,000 kissing Haley and Harry. Even after all the backlash, she and Harry had a night of passion. It was the first time ever on the show; dropping them a hefty $20,000. Another $6,000, was then spent when they hit the third base, as per Tudum.

However, Farago knew how to play the game right. She won most of the money back after abstaining from any kind of intercourse during a night in the suite.



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