If there was one Too Hot To Handle season 4 contestant who was hellbent on making sure rules weren’t broken it was James Pendergrass.

James was on neighborhood watch many times during the 2022 show and did all he could to make sure that the prize fund was preserved as much as possible.

Let’s find out more about James’ age, as well as where he is now and his Instagram page…

James from Too Hot To Handle poses on beach wearing swim shorts for show's promo
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Meet James from Too Hot To Handle

James Pendergrass is a model, personal trainer, and athlete.

He was cast as a contestant on THTH season 4 alongside Jawahir Khalifa, Nick Kici, Imogen Ewan, and co.

James hails from Hawaii and was adamant to keep the prize fund up, and not break any rules, during THTH so that he could bag the cash to pay off his student loans.

James from Too Hot To Handle’s age

Too Hot To Handle fans were kept laughing during season 4 due to James being Lana’s right-hand man.

He’s 23 years old and celebrates his birthday on February 18. This makes James an Aquarius on the zodiac.

James’ partner on the show, Brittan Byrd, is also from Hawaii and is 22 years old.

James and Brittan now

Staying strong throughout the whole of season 4 without any rules breaks was one couple – James and Brittan.

They ended the show united, but did have some ups and downs during THTH.

Brittan called James out during a group workshop because she felt a lack of physical touch and intimacy, but she and James worked things out in the end.

They went on a date during episode 9 where they discussed physical connection and Brittan said that she could “see a future” with James.

Since THTH finished, James and Brittan can be seen creating videos together on his TikTok page.

None of the couples have revealed whether they’re still together or not. But, judging by James’ videos, he and Brittan are at the least still very good friends.



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