Trevor has now become a player on The Circle season 4. If you thought you recognised him, you’d be right, because his wife DeLeesa actually pretended to be him and took the crown two seasons ago.

When DeLeesa St Agathe catfished her fellow players as her hubby, she used his real photos and name, tried to give off his actual personality and was so successful with it that she ended up taking home the win.

So, is Trevor going to be as successful on the show? What if the other players recognise him? Whether he’s able to convince them or not is all down to him, but he had to leave his children and DeLeesa at home to take part.

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The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Trevor on The Circle?

Spoilers: Trevor has entered The Circle season 4, but not as himself. Instead, he’s playing his wife DeLeesa’s friend in the hopes that he can play as good of a catfish as she did. She went on to win season 2, so he has big shoes to fill!

He didn’t appear until the second round of episodes were released, from episode 4 onwards. The father-of-two auditioned for the show just like the other players, but applied as part of a bet with DeLeesa, as per Distractify.

The bet involved whether Trevor could play the game as a female catfish as well as she played it as a male catfish.
He couldn’t disclose whether he won the season, but did hint that participating was all worth it!

His marriage with season 2’s DeLeesa

Trevor and DeLeesa first met in college. They travelled as much as they could together, to Bangkok, Bali, Santorini and more, and fell in love very quickly. It wasn’t long before they had brought two baby girls into the world.

Having been together since January 2007, they first met at Buffalo State University. DeLeesa revealed in an Instagram video that Trevor was the first person she met before they became the best of friends, and soon got into a relationship.

When he graduated before her, Trevor would often make the eight-hour drive just to see her from New York City. Then when she finally graduated in 2010, they began seeing each other much more often!

How did DeLeesa and Trevor spend the cash?

Deleesa “Leesa” Carrasquillo claimed victory as The Circle US season 2 winner on Netflix. The 32-year-old was a fan-favourite from the start, and expressed how her and Trevor wanted a house for their daughter.

After winning the show, she revealed on the series:

It’s still surreal to me. We were never able to save money. We just want to have a house for a daughter to grow up in and something to call ours.

She later told Women’s Health: “I wanted to get a house and obviously, you can’t buy a whole house with $100,000, but we were able to use that money for a down payment.

“We moved out of New York and now live down south in Georgia, and [it’s a] much bigger, better quality of life—if I do say so myself.”

They also stayed at The Bahia Principe Grand Coba in Mexico in February for their first trip together! The money has enabled them to make more memories by travelling the world as a family-of-four.

DeLeesa recently took a trip to Miami before returning home to see her two daughters and husband Trevor.

Career-wise, she regularly works with brands such as Flat Tummy Co as part of her newfound fame.



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