The third part of Terrace House: Tokyo has just been released to Netflix internationally, and already fans are lapping up the drama.

Not only has this season introduced three new housemates, but the love triangles in Terrace House have become even more complicated.

Part 2 (2019) saw Emika and Hana struggle with their feelings for Ryo Tawatari. Now, the third part has seen newbie Vivi throw her hat in the ring, as she also falls for Ryo. But luckily for Emika, new boy Tupas caught her eye.

So, what has happened with Emika and Tupas? If you haven’t yet watched all of part 3, then be warned, as there are spoilers ahead… 

Screenshot: Terrace House Tokyo 2019-20 P3 E27 – Netflix

Tupas joins Terrace House

Tupas entered the series in episode 26 (part 3, episode 2). The 22 year old works full-time as Lily Franky’s Personal Assistant. Lily Franky is a Japanese illustrator, writer and actor.

When Tupas joined the house, he mentioned that it was his intention to make friends and meet new types of people. His intentions weren’t set on falling in love, as some participants have mentioned in the past.


But quickly, there was a spark between Emika and Tupas.

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Emika and Tupas’s relationship on Terrace House

Things went from strength to strength between Emika and Tupas throughout Terrace House: Tokyo Part 3.

However, things looked like they might take a turn for the worse when Emika announced that she wanted to leave Terrace House.

But two days before Emika was set to leave, Tupas took her to a theme park. While there, Tupas finally asked if she would  be his girlfriend and Emika responded with “only if you’d have me.”

Emika Mizukoshi left in episode 34 (part 3, episode 10). Tupas left that same episode.

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Are Emika and Tupas still together?


There has been much debate online about whether Emika and Tupas are still in a relationship. Even Reddit threads have been created to decipher whether the couple are still together!

The internet appears to be divided between those who ‘ship’ Tupika (their couple name), and those who are convinced they are not together.

Neither have posted pictures of one another on their Instagrams, apart from group shots. But given that some people prefer to keep their romantic life private, it could be the case that Emika and Tupas want to keep their relationship off social media.