Ugly Delicious has returned to Netflix this March 2020 for its sophomore season, proving to be as fascinating, fun and foodie as the first season.

The new season sees star chef David Chang travel around the world, using food as a medium to explore culture, history, racism, prejudice and more. The series serves as a televised long-form essay, with celebrities, chefs, writers and critics along for the ride.

So, will there be another series of Ugly Delicious? Find out about the potential third season here.


Ugly Delicious returns to Netflix

The cooking-meets-travel series returned to Netflix on Friday, March 6th with four brand new episodes. This is half the amount of episodes that they had in the first series, which greatly frustrated fans after a two year wait.

The first episode focussed on the idea of ‘baby food’, as David began his journey to becoming a first-time father with wife Grace Seo Chang.

The second episode focussed on Indian food, taking a deep dive into the cuisine and its history with the likes of chefs and actors such as Aziz Ansari. The third looks into the politics of steak. In the final episode, David explores the idea of cooking meat on a spit and how it has evolved from the history of displaced people.

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Could Ugly Delicious return for season 3?

Unconfirmed. As of yet, there has been no word of the renewal of Ugly Delicious.

Given the immense popularity of the show, it is highly likely that Netflix would commission the series for a third instalment. Particularly now David Chang has stepped down his involvement in his restaurants and has more time to work in television.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to demand its renewal, so we can only hope Dave and Netflix listen!

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Ugly Delicious season 3 – potential start dates

The first-ever season of Ugly Delicious dropped to Netflix on February 23rd, 2018. However, it took Netflix nine months to confirm that they would bring the show back for its sophomore season.

Ugly Delicious was renewed for its second season on November 22nd, 2018. But it was not until March 6th, 2020 that the second season was released.

This gap of over two years between seasons is hopefully down to the fact that David and Grace’s son was born in March 2019. So, hopefully if they bring the series back for its third instalment, it would be released between February-March 2021.



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