Ugly Delicious season 2: Why are there only 4 episodes of the Netflix 2020 series?

After a two year wait, Ugly Delicious is finally back on Netflix with its sophomore season.

This time around there are some changes, as lead host and creator David Chang becomes a father and the first episode documents that entire journey. While there is the usual foodie deliciousness to follow in the second series, it is interspersed with David’s personal life more so than the first season.

But one thing which has frustrated viewers is that there are far fewer episodes.

So, why are there only four episodes of season 2?

Screenshot: Ugly Delicious S2 E3 – Netflix

Ugly Delicious season 2

Ugly Delicious returned to Netflix on Friday, March 6th with four brand new episodes.

The first episode focussed solely on the idea of ‘baby food’ and David’s journey to becoming a first-time father.

The second episode focussed on Indian food and how it has not been popularised and understood in Western countries in the same way Italian food and Mexican food has. The third looks into the politics of steak. Finally, in true Ugly Delicious style, David explores meat which has been cooked on a spit and looks into the food history of displaced people.

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Why are there only 4 episodes of season 2?

Unconfirmed. David Chang has not yet announced why there were just half the amount of episodes in the second season than in the first.

But the glaringly obvious reason is that David and Grace Chang had their first child together. It is likely that David did not want to continue travelling the world in the final months of Grace’s pregnancy and once the baby was born.

The other reason could be that David made his other Netflix series Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the same year he was filming Ugly Delicious season 2. There is a chance – given the similarity of format and content – that these four episodes of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner were intended to be in Ugly Delicious, but didn’t make the final cut.

On Instagram, David Chang tagged both #UglyDelicious and the show’s Instagram account in a post while he was filming with Chrissy Teigen in Marrakech. This leads us to believe they were intending the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Moroccan episode to be for Ugly Delicious.

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