The Ultimate Beastmaster is Netflix’s answer to the reality TV world’s Olympics. Literally, like a 100% without the gold medals.

Forget Olympic rowing, sprinting, pole volt and the discus throw, all you really need is a big ass obstacle course.

This series sees competitors from around the world take on ‘The Beast’, the show’s challenging obstacle course, for the chance of claiming the Ultimate Beastmaster crown.

Season 3 was released back in August 2018, fans of the show are readily anticipating the next series. So when will the next season of Ultimate Beastmaster return to Netflix and are they still taking applications?

Screenshot: Ultimate Beastmaster S3 E1 – Netflix

What is Ultimate Beastmaster?

Ultimate Beastmaster has switched up the way obstacle-based competitive series are made, making them more rigorous than ever and taking it worldwide.

The show takes competitors in teams from around the world. In season 3, there were nine countries participating – the US, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Italy, South Korea, France, the UK and Australia – each with their own presenting duo for play-by-play commentary.

The show’s format switched up in season 3 and we would expect season 4 to follow a similar pattern.

The Beast is divided into three levels (a fourth for the Finals) and competitors with the highest scores move through the level, whereas those with the lowest are eliminated. When they move through to the Final level they have the chance of being crowned the Ultimate Beastmaster.

How to apply for Ultimate Beastmaster season 4

Ultimate Beastmaster has a casting website, which also has details on what they look for in ideal candidates.

They say:

We are looking for ordinary men and women with extraordinary athletic abilities. Contestants must be fit, athletic, have strength, speed, agility, balance and endurance.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete although most of the previous contestants have been dance teachers, swimming coaches or pro freerunners. So some athletic background is necessary!

The application form on the website is recruiting for the 2017 series, but they do provide an email address if you are looking to express interest in participating. You can email them at [email protected]

When will season 4 start?

The start dates for the previous series have all varied.

Season 1 aired in February 2017, with season 2 coming to Netflix just ten months later in December.

Season 3 dropped on Netflix on August 31st, 2018 and this is the longest the series has ever gone without coming to air. So we would expect the show to return before the year’s out!

You can follow the show’s Twitter here to keep up to date with all the latest info.

We will keep this page updated with any new information about Ultimate Beastmaster season 4’s start date.