Update: How is Criscilla Anderson after filming Country Ever After on Netflix?

Criscilla Anderson shared her cancer journey, from chemotherapy to going into remission, all on Netflix’s new series Country Ever After.

The mum-of-four puts on a brave face as she makes regular visits to the hospital, with cameras capturing her and Coffey’s emotions along the way.

Although the Netflix series shares Criscilla’s journey with cancer in depth, we’ve done some research to provide an update on how she is now.

Here are all the post-filming updates on Criscilla Anderson…

Screenshot: Coffey and Criscilla, Country Ever After trailer, Netflix

Criscilla Anderson on Country Ever After

Criscilla, who is a dancer and choreographer, shared her journey with cancer on Country Ever After.

She first went through 7 rounds of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer.

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Coffey and Criscilla remain positive through it all. She didn’t let it hold her back from doing usual daily things, like arranging a surprise birthday party for her husband.

She spends 6 hours lying down for her final chemotherapy session, and said she has scar tissues on both of her hands from her rounds of chemo.

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When did Criscilla get a cancer diagnosis?

  • 2018

Doctors told Criscilla that the cancer was “treatable, not curable” and that that they don’t know if she will be alive in 5 years.

Criscilla then went onto have a remission, but was later told that the colon cancer had advanced to stage 4 in November 2019.

However, she revealed some positive news in April 2020.

How is Criscilla Anderson after filming?

Criscilla revealed on April 24 that her tumour marker has decreased. It had reduced to 1.5 from more than 10 between October and December, 2019.

She announced that the doctor told her the cancer had shrunk.

Criscilla said:

I know that God is healing me. I know that the next time I go in for another scan, they’re going to be gone.

Since the Instagram announcement, she has been practising choreography and spending time with her family.

In her bio, she states that she is a “colon cancer fighter”.



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