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USASF 'banned list': Cheer star Jerry Harris' membership explained

Last week it was reported that Cheer star Jerry Harris has been arrested. Does this mean he’s on the USASF “banned list”? Here’s his current status at the USASF, the US governing body for cheerleading and dance, explained. 

This year, Netflix has upped its game when it comes to docuseries. The streaming platform released a number of hit documentaries such as The Last Dance, Tiger King, Becoming, to name just a few.

Another popular docuseries on the site is Cheer which takes an inside look at the competitive world of cheerleading.

However, the series has been caught up in some drama lately following the arrest of one of its stars, Jerry Harris.

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(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

Who is Jerry Harris?

Jerry Harris is a media personality. He rose to fame as being one of the main stars on Cheer.

He studied at Waubonsie Valley High School and then at Navarro College, where he was a member of the cheer team led by Monica Aldama.


Jerry and his Cheer co-stars appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show shortly after the season one premiere of the Netflix series. He was also picked up by Ellen as The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘s Oscars correspondent in February this year.


Jerry Harris’ arrest explained

On Thursday, September 17th, Jerry was arrested on charges of producing child pornography, USA Today has reported.

According to federal court records, the Cheer star, who is 21, has admitted to receiving explicit photos on Snapchat from up to 15 people who were minors, having sex with a 15-year-old at a cheerleading competition in 2019, and paying a 17-year-old to send him nude photos.

Jerry has been held in custody at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in Chicago since last Thursday.

The initial investigation started following allegations brought against Jerry by a pair of 14-year-old twin brothers, USA Today added.

Jerry Harris on the USASF list

The USASF website has listed a number of people who have been suspended or have been denied membership.

According to the website, the US governing body for cheerleading and dance can “deny, suspend or revoke” membership if members are “under criminal investigation” or if they are “charged with a crime that is not consistent with the rules, policies or standards of USASF”.

Jerry Harris’ name is under the list of “currently suspended or ineligible pending appeal” where his status is listed as “ineligible pending appeal”.



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