Netflix’s brand new dating series, Indian Matchmaking, follows Sima Taparia on her journey to match the perfect millennial couples.

Sima, one of Mumbai’s top matchmakers, is tasked with eight singletons in need of a partner. With an array of stubborn clients such as Aparna, Ashkay and Pradhyuman, it’s no wonder that fans fell head over heels for sweet-natured Nadia Jagessar.

Nadia was looking for ‘the One’ and someone she could spend her life with, and viewers thought Sima had found the perfect match in Vinay Chadha. However, things didn’t turn out well for Nadia and Vinay. After it looked like Vinay stood Nadia up not once but twice, Vinay had a lot to answer for.

We’re sure you’re all in need of some answers from Vinay, and he’s finally spoken out about his portrayal on the show. Here’s what Vinay Chadha had to say about his time on Indian Matchmaking, plus updates from after the show.

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Who is Vinay Chadha?

Vinay Chadha is a 37-year-old working as head of finance for a chain of boutique gyms. He is born in January 1983 and is originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Vinay studied for his BA in Accounting and Finance at Boston College. He then stayed at Boston to obtain an MSc in Accounting. Before working as a CFO, Vinay had worked at both The New York Times and Bloomberg.

He is a vegan, as we saw on Indian Matchmaking, and also Hindu.

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Vinay on Indian Matchmaking

After Nadia’s unsuccessful date with Guru, she was sent on a dinner date with Vinay Chadha. By contrast, her connection with Vinay was instant. Vinay and Nadia then were sent on a few more dates on the show, with things looking like they might work out for the pair.

However, things turned sour when Vinay stood Nadia up on their planned movie night. To apologise, he came back the next day explaining he was unwell, and with gifts of flowers and chocolates. Despite her hesitation, Nadia forgave him. A few days later, Vinay failed to show up to a dinner with Nadia’s friends, leaving her heartbroken and embarrassed. That looked like the end of Vinay and Nadia as an item.

Vinay has since taken to social media to explain what really went down on Indian Matchmaking. He has since claimed that he texted Nadia on both occasions, the second of which she was the one who ‘ghosted’ him. Vinay wrote to Instagram:

Overall I was happy to have done the show and dated Nadia. Did I make mistakes? Of course. Did I own and try to fix it and learn? Of course. The truth is we were supposed to hang out one night after a wedding she was at. I had a family issue during that night and intended to still come, hence I texted on my way. I was def[initely] unclear and vague and not responsive and I own that. I should never have made her wait or been stupid enough to not share the real reason. Over the next week, I explained that to her and could see it bothered her. As such, I wanted to meet the friends that I would have met after the wedding (not what you saw on Netflix) and met one and explained it. I also sent her flowers and her favorite candies and cookies to show I’m all in.

He concluded: “I was the one left heart broken and ghosted. My feelings were real and I never flake without good reason and if I do, I own it!”

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Vinay Chadha on Instagram

To find out more about what Vinay Chadha is up to now, we found him on Instagram. You can follow him under the handle @chadhaforthevin.

It is likely that Vinay is still single, as there has not been a post with any significant other.



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