Who is Vivi from Terrace House: Tokyo? Meet the Russian model and Netflix star on Instagram!

The latest instalment in the Terrace House: Tokyo series has been released to Netflix worldwide on Tuesday, April 7th, just shy of four months after it aired in Japan.

Part 3 is welcoming new additions, and this time the house is gaining even more international housemates.

Russian model Violetta Razdumina already looks as if she’s shaking up the place. So, who is Vivi, the latest addition to the Terrace House: Tokyo family?

We found Vivi on Instagram to find out more about the new Netflix star.

Screenshot: Terrace House Tokyo 2019-20 P3 E26 – Netflix

Meet Vivi

Violetta “Vivi” Razdumina is a 24-year-old Russian model who has been living in Japan since October 2013. She was born on October 4th, 1995.

In episode 2, Vivi explained to housemates Hana and Emika: “I was born in Germany, raised in Russia.” She also revealed that she speaks three languages, as Vivi entered the house speaking English.

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Vivi moved to Japan to study at the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. She had aspirations of becoming a fashion designer, but now works as a model and aspiring actress.

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Vivi on Terrace House

When we left off at the end of Part 2 with somewhat of a love triangle between housemates Hana, Emika and Ryo, no viewer could have predicted how much more messy and complicated it would get.

Vivi entered Terrace House when Emika and Hana had the place to themselves. During this ‘girl time’, they revealed that they had feelings for the same guy. And it didn’t take too long for both girls to figure out that Vivi had exactly the same type in men as them!

Vivi’s feelings towards Ryo and the ensuing love triangle/square will be at the heart of Part 3’s plot line.

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Follow Vivi on Instagram

Already Vivi has a huge Instagram following of over 199,000 and has that sought-after blue verification tick. This figure is correct as of publication date.

The majority of her Insta feed is dominated with her modelling snaps, shots of life in Tokyo, and the occasional travel post.

You can follow Vivi under the handle @violapolt.




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