After Zanab Jaffrey’s cheeky TikTok went viral, Love Is Blind fans want to know more about Cole Barnett’s ex-wife, Catey Benson.

Warning: Love Is Blind spoilers ahead!

In what was a particularly tumultuous season of the Netflix dating series, one of the most captivating storylines came from Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey.

Though initially setting the show alight, the pair came to blows fairly quickly – and it doesn’t look like their relationship will be on the mend any time soon.

And reports online have claimed that prior to his stint on Love Is Blind, Cole was actually married in real life. But who is Cole from Love Is Blind’s ex-wife?

Cole was married before Love Is Blind

Initially discovered in a report by Distractify, it has been revealed that Cole Barnett was married before he entered Love Is Blind, after he and his ex-wife appeared on the online gift registry site, The Knot, though their registry has since been removed.

Cole reportedly married Catey Benson in a ceremony that took place in June 2019, though there are no pictures or videos of them together across any of Cole’s socials, and Catey keeps a very low profile on social media.

In fact, it would appear that Catey is not on Instagram, and a Twitter account in her name appears to have been deactivated.

While Cole and Catey are clearly keen to keep their past away from the internet, a familiar face decided she was going to bring up the past relationship in the most public way possible.

Zanab from Love Is Blind said she was meeting up with Catey Benson

The claims that Cole was married before Love Is Blind were further supported by his ex from, the show, Zanab, after she sent an indirect message to him online that went viral on TikTok.

While Gangsta’s Paradise played in the background, Zanab danced along as the text on the video read: “You’re in my comments/mentions/dms about him. I’m having coffee with his ex-wife.”


Respectfully, we are not the same. Disrespectfully, we both don’t want that. #prayingforyou

♬ Coolio gangstas paradise – ✨Mel✨

The clip, which is widely believed to be a dig at Cole, quickly went viral and has since racked up over 2.5 million views and almost 95,000 likes.

Zanab didn’t stop there though.

The Love Is Blind star opted to accelerate her beef with Cole further, as she mouthed along to a TikTok audio about loving men in private as they are “embarrassing”, along with a Love Is Blind hashtag in the description.

Cole reacts to the infamous coffee TikTok

While Cole refrained from engaging in the viral spat, he couldn’t avoid the awkward questions forever.

During an interview with Entertainment Journalist Lauren Conlin, Cole was asked about the prospect of his two exes meeting for coffee, and the real estate agent didn’t sound thrilled about the idea.

“To me, that’s a very weak thing to do because what are you doing? You’re getting together and talking about someone behind their back”, asserted Cole, “How much productivity comes from talking about anyone behind their back?”

Cole went on to claim he had linked his two exes through “emotional trauma or something”, but didn’t offer any additional comments on the reported meet-up.

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