We found Kelly from Love Is Blind on Instagram - Kenny updates post Netflix show!

Despite it’s bizarre premise, Love Is Blind has managed to sweep up the attention of pretty much the entire world, thus becoming one of the hottest programmes to watch this winter. Everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Gogglebox has got in on the drama!

The dating show kicked off on Thursday, February 13th – just in time for Valentine’s Day, well done Netflix – and is centred around the concept that you can fall in love with someone without ever having seen them.

In this day and age where a large majority of couples form on dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, it is necessary to test out whether true connection can be achieved through real interactions, through really getting to know someone’s personality, or ‘soul’ as many of the cast like to call it.

Out of all the Love Is Blind couples formed in the first five episodes, Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes definitely looked the most suited. But things took a dramatic turn when Kelly headed for the alter. Find out more about Kelly here, plus updates on the reality star post-Love Is Blind.

Screenshot: Love is Blind S1 E3 – Netflix

Meet Kelly

Kelly Chase is a 33-year-old health and empowerment coach living in Atlanta, Georgia.

She created her business ChaseLife in 2013 after finishing her certification as a Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


Kelly was candid about her struggles with weight and how that impacted her dating life. Now, healthy and happy with the weight and fitness level she had reached, Kelly was open to the dating world again.

Kelly said in episode 2:

The dating scene for me has never been right. I had gained forty pounds a few years ago and I’m still not where I’d like to be. But then I’m like ‘Kelly, someone out there thinks you’re beautiful the way you are’.

Kelly and Kenny on Love Is Blind

Kelly instantly connected with 27 year old Kenny Barnes, first bonding over their love for the same childhood book and then over their personal struggles and journeys.

When they then met face-to-face, the connection was as strong as before.

Speaking about what she was looking for in a partner, Kelly said: “I’ve wanted a best friend for a while now.” And with that one sentence she had us all hooked.

It would appear that Kelly and Kenny got far less airtime than their fellow cast mates, potentially as there was not that much drama between the two. In fact, it was pretty smooth-sailing for Kelly and Kenny on the show. The only minor hiccup they faced was Kelly’s initial reluctance to be intimate with Kenny. But as soon as the big day came, Kelly stepped back from not just the intimate side of their relationship, but the whole marriage!

What happened at Kelly and Kenny’s wedding?

Despite the fact that the two seemed content in their relationship, Kelly finally admitted to herself that she wasn’t head over heels for Kenny. At least, not in the way she wanted to be with her future husband.

At the alter, Kelly said:

This experiment, it brought me to you; someone who is so fabulous is every single aspect. This has been a wild ride and I am grateful that it has been with you because you’ve been nothing but supportive.

But when asked whether she wanted to marry Kenny, Kelly said: “I love you, but I don’t. I can’t marry you and I hope that you can appreciate and respect that decision of mine.”

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E10 – Netflix

Follow Kelly Chase on Instagram

Before Kelly Chase even appeared on Love Is Blind she had a large following thanks to her lifestyle and fitness blogging/influencing. But now, that figure has rocketed. As of publication date, Kelly has over 105,000 followers on Instagram.

Both Kelly and Kenny follow one another on Instagram, suggesting things aren’t too sour between them both!

Check out Kelly on Instagram @chaselifewithkelly.




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