Bear Grylls has proved that he is a skilled survivalist time and time again, but as the ‘You vs. Wild’ endings show leaving decisions to the viewers at home doesn’t always end well.

This time Bear’s plane has crashed into the mountains and he has suffered amnesia. You decide whether he freezes in the wilderness or not.

In the interactive movie from Netflix, ‘You vs. Wild: Out Cold’ viewers are tasked with helping Bear navigate humongous rock walls, icy dark tunnels and lots of wildlife. The decisions you make will dictate which paths he takes for both his and the pilot’s survival, so choose wisely…

What is an interactive movie?

Netflix creates interactive movies as a way to experience the streaming service a little differently than usual. In each episode, the viewer makes decisions for the characters allowing the audience to have full control over how the story goes.

Each choice leads to a different adventure and sometimes very different outcomes. In this case, Bear will either survive or freeze to death, so no pressure.

It also allows the viewer to watch the interactive story over and over and encounter new outcomes each time.

What are the answers to ‘You vs. Wild: Out Cold’?

In the first episode of the interactive series, viewers are tasked with making tough decisions.

The first decision for viewers to make is whether Bear should look for water, food or shelter, with the correct choice, bring to scavenge for food. He goes on the hunt for food only to find that the ground is frozen solid.

He then saw something in the distance which looked to be a threat and the choices were to either look closer or walk away, with the correct response being to walk away.

After finding food, Bear had to decide whether to get hydrated or find shelter to try and get warm. If you want to get this one right then finding shelter is the correct answer.

At this point in the interactive movie, Bear’s memory starts to return and he begins to wonder whether his pilot is still alive.

HELP! Now Bear is being chased by an animal should he head to the forest or take it on? Well, as much as we would love to see Bear grapple with the animal the correct answer is to run away towards the forest.

In this next part, Bear reaches a mountain and decides that the best option would be to go slow and steady in order to reach the summit. He then chooses to abseil as he considers this the safest option.

But, now he is running out of time and energy… should he continue or give up? That’s right, Bear is going to keep going to reach the summit!

Where is ‘You vs. Wild: Out Cold’ filmed?

‘You vs. Wild: Out Cold’ was actually shot in different locations around the Italian province of Belluno, which includes the part of the Dolomite Mountains within the province.

Bear also filmed the ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ episodes in the same location.

Find out more about the exact filming location here!



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