Netflix released its never-seen-before show Dance Monsters recently and here’s what the audiences see in the competition that has contestants dancing in their monster disguises.

Dance Monsters is a one-of-a-kind show that has contestants dancing in their monster disguises while hiding their true identities.

For some, it might remind them of FOX’s The Masked Singer, which sees contestants singing while donning elaborate costumes, thus masking their true identities.

While the contestants’ identities remaining hidden is the same in both shows, the competitors’ disguises work quite differently.

Monsters on Neflix's Dance Monsters
Image via Netflix | YouTube

What does the audience see on Dance Monsters?

Audiences can watch the contestants’ performances just like any other dance show. However, the performers on Dance Monsters will actually be dancing backstage.

The viewers will only be able to see the contestants’ CGI monsters dancing on stage. There will, however, be background performers who are all real people.

Occasionally, we also see clips of the contestants themselves dancing backstage with CGI gear. But, the show blurs their faces. We only see them dancing simultaneously as their onstage avatars.

Like most other reality shows, there is a live audience present. Moreover, the judges and the host are all real people, not CGI avatars.

What happens behind the scenes on Dance Monsters?

Behind the scenes of Dance Monsters are contestants dancing with their CGI gears on.

It also shows backstage where all contestants sit and wait for their turns to perform, but they are in their CGI monster avatars.

Like The Masked Singer, their identities are all cloaked.

We also get to follow the contestants’ rehearsals on and off-stage life. However, again, we only see their CGI avatars doing it all.

How many episodes will there be in Dance Monsters season 1?

The first season of the new show will have a total of eight episodes, Netflix has revealed on its Tudum website.

So far, three episodes have been released.

The competition will have five rounds, which will see 15 monsters competing against one another through solo dances, duets, and more.

In the finale, the judges name one contestant as the Ultimate Dance Monster, and they will win a $250,000 prize.



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