As Season 2 of Cheer comes to Netflix, fans have been re-united with some of their most beloved leaders – one of them being the infamous and ridiculously talented, Gabi Butler.

Since being in the public eye, the YouTuber, cheerleader and TV personality has gained over 1.7million followers on Instagram and 115.3K on Twitter.

With this kind of growth on her socials, it’s safe to say her pockets have most likely been growing too. So let’s find out what you all want to know – what is Gabi Butler’s net worth?

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Cheer Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Cheer Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is Gabi Butler’s net worth?

As of 2021, Gabi, 23, is estimated to be worth between $1million and $5million, as per Gossip Gist, with her salary falling anywhere between $47,000 to $69,000.

Gabi makes her income in a multitude of ways, including through advertisements and endorsements for brands.

For example, Gabi has collaborated in the past with FabFitFun, Shein and Murad Skincare. However, most of her income comes from her YouTube videos and cheerleading.

Gabi has already reached incredible heights in her career and still has a lot more to do. As if being on The Ellen DeGeneres show in 2020 wasn’t enough already!

Does Gabi have a boyfriend?

Although she seems to be busy making moves and money most of the time, Gabi did spend a lot of her free time with American footballer Jordan Brooks-Wess, but they split up last year.

He now appears to be in a relationship with Aaniya Spangler, who is also a sportsperson. A source told Reality Titbit that Gabi is currently dating someone, but she seems to keep his identity away from the limelight.

The Netflix star is also focusing on her twists, tumbles and turns, and we can see how dedicated she is to the sport on Cheer. Often, she is being thrown into the air by fellow cheerleader Nick Prak.

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Five things you didn’t know about Gabi Butler

  • Gabi was only 8 years old when she started cheerleading.
  • Gabi performed as a member of the Top Gun OO cheer squad in Miami.
  • Gabi has been in the public eye since she was a little girl, having featured on multiple cheer programmes throughout her career so far.
  • She became well-known in the cheer industry for her unique flexibility as a flyer and strong tumbling skills.
  • The Netflix star left Navarro, coached by Monica Aldama, almost a year ago. Gabi left the team to attend Weber State University based in Utah.
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