Where is the Hype House Moorpark mansion, as seen in the Netflix series?

Where is the Hype House Moorpark mansion, as seen in the Netflix series?

California is where Netflix’s new reality TV series Hype House is filmed. But the real question is, where exactly in the area do the teenage TikTok personalities live while cameras document their every move?

The TikTokers, who are all originally from Los Angeles, California, all live in Hype House, which is the name of the mansion where some of the creators formerly lived.

Known as a collaborative content house to allow the different influencers and content creators to make videos together easily may seem efficient – but there’s a load of clashing which leads to drama in the property.

We found out exactly where the Hype House is based, for those who want to see the place in person.

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Hype House | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hype House | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where is Hype House filmed?

Hype House is filmed in Moorpark, California. However, the exact address of the property has not been disclosed.

We do know that the property that the TikTok stars live in is in a gated community and sits on 20 acres of land, with 11,293 sq. ft. of available living space, as reported by The Cinemaholic.

With a huge swimming pool and slide, Larray said: “People thought the hype house was just white kids with money.” However, he went on to claim that it is not during the show trailer.

After two temporary estates that the cast members has lived in, the current property is now their permanent residence that they have lived at since buying a lease in December 2020.

The cast members also film at Chase Hudson’s – aka “Lil Huddy” – home, in the San Fernando Valley, California. As a co-founder of the Hype House, he decided to stay in the area where the crew used to live to focus on music.

There is also a home called Hype House West, located in Santa Monica, California. This is not the same home seen on the Netflix show, but rather where TikTok stars filmed content for up to two hours per day in April, Forbes reports.

How much is the Hype House home worth?

The Hype House (more like mansion) is worth a hefty $5million.

The property rent is paid for by the brand deals they do on Hype House’s social media channels. Everyone living there is held to a certain expectation to all equally contribute worthy content.

With their usual lives involving helicopters, fancy sports cars and a content-making home, it’s clear that those living at the Hype House have massive incomes.

Ryland Storms says during the season: “We’re still so young and, like, we’re in this life and we’re making money that a 21-year-old, or whatever age, should not be making.”

The cast’s visit to Joshua Tree

Thomas Petrou arranged a trip to Joshua Tree for the group to bond, which involved making videos (of course). The National Park is where the stars visited the desert for content, but things eventually turned sour.

With its desert landscape, it is a known habitat for numerous birds, mammals, insects, and lizards.

It is likely that the cast stayed in one of the group campsites there: Black Rock, Cottonwood, Indian Cove, Ryan, Jumbo Rocks, Hidden Valley, White Tank, or Belle, which start from $15 a night.

While unconfirmed, the stars think the camping ground is supposedly haunted and it doesn’t look like any of the TikTok creators are up for shooting content – much to Thomas’ frustration.

Rumor has it that TikToker Sienna May Gomez was also present at the trip to Joshua Tree, despite only being included in a couple of clips on Hype House. Some viewers believe she was “cut out of the show”, but this is unconfirmed.



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