Netflix is renowned for providing subscribers with all kinds of juicy series and addictive shows that are perfect for a binge-watch. Everything from competition series like Blown Away to dating shows such as Too Hot To Handle, there are no end of series to get stuck into.

Bringing something totally different to the platform, Mind Your Manners dropped on Netflix in November 2022. The show sees an international etiquette coach teach people how to improve their manners.

So, let’s take a look at the real meaning of the phrase ‘mind your manners’ as the Netflix show drops.

Meaning of ‘mind your manners’

The phrase ‘minding’ or ‘watching’ your manners, the Cambridge dictionary states, means “to make a special effort to be polite.”

Merriam-Webster writes “to mind one’s manners” means “to behave in a polite and proper way.”

During the show Mind Your Manners, Sara Jane’s clients interpret the meaning of etiquette differently. In episode 3, Raishel says: “For me, etiquette is about putting other people at ease.”

What is the show Mind Your Manners?

Mind Your Manners is a six-episode Netflix series released on November 16.

The host of the show is etiquette pro Sara Jane Ho. She aims to help people level up their lives in all kinds of ways. Sara gives tips on dressing well, the rules of dining, the best approaches to dating, and much more on her show.

Some clients on the show are seeking help to get back into the world of work after having children, others want to become more confident, while some are ready to embark on a new chapter after motherhood.

Netflix show consists of six episodes

Sara Jane Ho works all over the world as an etiquette coach. During her series, she’ll aim to help clients become the “best version of themselves.”

Episode 1 follows the journeys of Stephanie, who wants to go from being a party girl to having a more ‘lady-like’ appearance. Sara helps William in episode 2 with some dating tips, while episode 3 sees Raishel in need of a confidence boost. Episode 4 sees Illiana level up her life after motherhood.

Episodes 5 and 6 see Sara’s clients “elevate” themselves and embark on new chapters of life after a painful past.



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