What is the 'spray tan' drink on Netflix's DeMarcus Family Rules? Tanning concoction revealed!

Netflix’s DeMarcus Family Rules is the latest insight into the reality of glamorous USA family life.

The show takes a further look into the life of the DeMarcusses, which involves country music group Rascal Flatts American bassist Jay DeMarcus and beauty queen Allison DeMarcus. Their two children Dylan, 8, and Madeline, 9, make up the rest of their family on the reality TV show, along with her sister Amy Alderson and her husband James Otto.

In the first episode, fans were curious to know what the “spray tan” drink that Jay gave to Allison while she was in the bath. We done some digging to find out more on the cocktail concoction!

Screenshot: Allison DeMarcus with the spray tan drink, DeMarcus Family Rules, Episode 1 Season 1, Netflix

Meet the DeMarcusses

The DeMarcus family are from Tennessee. While Jay, 49, makes up one third of the Rascal Flatts band and regular goes on tour, Allison, 43, is a former Miss Tennessee, Miss Tennessee Teen USA, and Miss Tennessee USA. Jay is also a vocalist, pianist, record producer and songwriter, and Allison’s other jobs involve being a TV host and actress.

When it comes to parenting their two children, Jay says Allison is “very, very rigid and enjoys a very strict schedule”, to which she says she was “raised with rules”. Her husband adds that he was raised “to keep your private parts covered up”.

They live in a very grand house and have an “open door policy” to guests. And although they have many home comforts, they take their children Dylan and Madeline camping to give them an experience beyond room service.

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What is the spray tan drink on DeMarcus Family Rules?

During the first episode of Season 1, Jay brings Allison a “spray tan” while she’s in the bath tub, which looks like a brown-coloured cocktail. It is assumed to be alcoholic, because soon after, their son Dylan asks what it is and she says:

You know you can’t drink that, that’s just for Moms.

However, nothing else is said about the mystery drink. It is assumed that Allison regular may get spray tans due to her experience of being a beauty queen, and she always has a golden glow. But it is not known for sure if the drink can help to develop a false tan, or if it is just the fancy name for the drink on the show.

Where to buy the cocktail

Tan shot ‘enhancing drinks’ are available on Amazon, which can “assist in achieving deeper levels of a bronze tan”. This  could possibly be similar to what was inside Allison’s “spray tan” drink on DeMarcus Family Rules.

There are various different brands of the tan shot drink on Amazon and are priced at around £6.90 ($9.03) for a 60-millilitre bottle. The description says it is a “deliciously tasting speciality drink”. You can buy the drink here.




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