If there is one thing that is apparent whilst watching Australian series Yummy Mummies on Netflix, it’s that these women are mega-rich.

From their designer wear to the constant flows of champagne we see on the show, these ‘yum mums’ aren’t afraid to flaunt that they live the high life.

One thing that springs to mind whilst watching the show is where the ladies of the show get all their money and how they attain this lifestyle, particularly as they dedicate all their time – when they’re not out socialising – to raising their little ones.

So what is the net worth of the Yummy Mummies and what do they (and their husbands) do for work? We’ve done some digging to find out the answers!


Screen Shot: Yummy Mummies S1 E1 – Netflix

What do the Yummy Mummies do?

The Yummy Mummies all had a variety of careers before they became famous through the show. But now their television and social media influencing careers – as well as fulltime mothering – are now their main focusses.

Jane Scandizzo was a successful model before being on the show. She is signed to Vivien’s Models and has even appeared in Vogue!

Also following down the fashion path is Rachel Watts, who is a state retail manager for a fashion brand.

Iva Marra, on the other hand, had a very different career. She worked full time as an IT professional before she became a mum.

34-year-old Lorinska Merrington has a long and varied career and is still expanding her career path. From the age of 14 she worked as a model, then she became a primary school teacher before engaging in a career as a traffic reporter for Australia’s Channel 9.

Lorinska launched a pregnancy app called BUB in July 2019, which became Australia’s Number 1 medical app as soon as it launched.

What do their husbands do?

The husbands of the Yummy Mummies feature in the show every now and again, but not too much is known about them.

Andrew – Lorinska Merrington’s hubby – is a former AFL player who now is a partner in the Cube Finance Group. Rachel’s husband Jayson also is a partner of a successful business, namely Melbourne’s major real estate agency Nelson Alexander.

Jane is married to Joey Scandizzo, who is a bit of a celeb himself.

Joey is a celebrity hairdresser who has worked with the likes of Solange Knowles, Priscilla Presley and even Usain Bolt! He has a very pricey salon in South Yarra, Melbourne, but has travelled the world for work. Joey has won Australia’s Hairdresser of the Year four times, so he must be good!

As with Iva, not much is known about husband Steven Marra’s career.

Yummy Mummies: Net worth

It is hard to put an exact figure on the net worth of the Yummy Mummies as they have all had such a variety in careers.

If we are to base the net worth of the Yummy Mummies based on Lorinska and Andrew’s wealth, for example, it is estimated that they have a net worth in the multiple-millions of AUD.

The highest AFL players can earn over $1,000,000 and considering Andrew was a successful player and then financial partner, he must be making big bucks. Similarly, Lorinska would have been making a decent salary working as a model and for Channel 9. But since her appearance on Yummy Mummies, her net worth will have rocketed from sponsorship deals and now her app.

Considering that one haircut with Joey Scandizzo costs £200, we think that the Scandizzos are turning over a pretty penny every year as well!