Snowflake Mountain's filming location is home to England's highest peak


Snowflake Mountain's filming location is home to England's highest peak

On June 22nd, Netflix brought a brand new reality series to screens. Snowflake Mountain has introduced viewers to a group of young people they never knew they needed in their lives. Liam, Rae, Deandra, Carl and co were sent to a survival camp in a bid to graduate into adulthood.

The Netflix series is made up of eight episodes and whoever makes it to the end bags themselves a $50,000 cash prize. Snowflake Mountain has had many fans hooked and lots more asking where the show was filmed and which mountain the cast had to hike up during the climbing challenge.

Snowflake Mountain – Netflix

Where is Snowflake Mountain filmed?

Snowflake Mountain was filmed in the Lake District, which is located in Cumbria, in the North West of England.

The Lake District National Park was the main filming location for Snowflake Mountain as well as the 5,000 acres of land at Graythwaite Estate.

The Lake District is a popular tourist destination, however, the Snowflakes on the show had no idea they were about to spend around two weeks in the wilderness.

Liam doesn’t know what mountain they climbed on the show

Taking to his brand new YouTube channel in June 2022, Snowflake Mountain contestant Liam Brown said that he didn’t actually know which mountain it was that he climbed during the show.

Liam said: “Now huns, listen. I was too focused on not dying, let alone what mountain it was.”

The Snowflake Mountain star did confirm that the mountain was located within the Lake District which is home to some of England’s highest peaks including Scafell Pike, Sca Fell, Helvellyn and Skiddaw.

The tallest mountain in England is Scafell Pike at 978m.

The cast had to climb half a mile each day

Judging by viewers’ tweets, many fans of the show took their hats off to the cast members who took part in Snowflake Mountain.

Many said that they saw the contestants’ growth over the eight episodes. Others found the cast members’ reaction to hearing they were set to climb a mountain hilarious.

One person tweeted: “I live at 6600ft elevation and am surrounded by 12-14,000ft peaks. HOW does hiking a 2236ft “mountain” equal a 2 day 22 mile hike?? Love the show, though.”

Given that the viewer said the Snowflakes climbed a 2236ft “mountain“, the cast may have hiked up Harrison Stickle which is a 40-minute drive from the Graythwaite Estate and it’s quite close to Scafell Pike. Harrison Stickle is 736m tall which is 2414.7 ft.

The cast members had to climb the mountain in parts, completing half a mile each day. Many fans tweeted their thoughts on the climbing challenge with one writing: “People climb actual mountains every weekend in my home province, Alberta just for the hell of it and y’all see it as punishment…



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