A Botox party was just one of the property launches seen on Selling Sunset. This begs the question: what plastic surgery has Mary had?

Known as one of the oldest cast members on the Netflix reality show,
Mary is back again for season 4 where all the drama is kicking off again.

She’s also considered a successful real estate agent, who shows off kick-ass multi-million dollar homes, such as French Montana’s incredible pad.

As she meets prospective clients, Mary’s face is pulling in lots of attention from viewers, who wonder what she looked like before plastic surgery.

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

What plastic surgery has Mary had?

Mary has not confirmed having any plastic surgery, but rumor has it that she has Botox in her face, as well as cosmetic procedures like fillers.

She previously attended the Botox and Burgers property launch party with her co-stars on Selling Sunset, where she may have got injected.

Viewers have commented on how her face does not move with her emotions, with some assuming she has had filler injected in her lips.

Since season 3, speculation about Mary getting more filler and Botox in her face in preparation for the fourth season has been circling social media.

Her co-star Heather Young admitted to getting lip fillers after someone questioned the fullness of her mouth, as reported by The Sun.

Mary Fitzgerald before surgery

Mary naturally had a few lines and wrinkles on her face a few years ago. At the age of 40, most people of her age tend to have less smooth skin.

Body-wise, the Netflix star doesn’t look that different, and has always kept up a fit physique throughout her time on Selling Sunset.

Over time, her face has changed, sometimes appearing smooth. However, in other filmed scenes, her natural lines can be seen on camera.

So although she looks somewhat different, Mary has maintained a fairly natural look and hasn’t completely changed her appearance.

Although there is a photo from 2014 (second below), where she looks unrecognisable with thinner eyebrows and longer hair!

The Selling Sunset star’s hair

Mary Fitzgerald’s hair has changed dramatically over the years, from long brown locks in 2014 to a much shorter blonde bob today.

As of the recent season, she appears to have had a slight balayage effect done to her hair color, and fans urge her to get a trim soon.

Others have noticed her hair looks thinner, and encourage her to get hair extensions done in the near future.

The Selling Sunset star is also often seen with her front fringe pinned back throughout season 4, a popular trend worn often in 2010.



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