Ebraheem Al Samadi is one of Dubai Bling‘s youngest members but he’s reportedly the richest, so what is his age and when is his birthday?

Dubai Bling follows the lives of 10 “self-made millionaires” in the luxurious city, including Ebraheem. As his co-star Zeina Khoury says, Dubai is filled with real and fake millionaires. Looking back at his career history, Ebraheem is the real deal as he achieved millionaire status by age 20 and is the chief executive of the Al Samadi Group.

We don’t know what you were doing at that age, but we were struggling to write essays whilst living on a student income.

With an estimated net worth of $50 million, he is the wealthiest Dubai Bling star despite being the second youngest. So how old is he exactly?

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When is Ebraheem Al Samadi’s age and birthday?

Ebraheem was born on January 8, 1988. He celebrated his most recent birthday by gifting himself a white 2022 Mercedes G63 AMG, which had a year-long waiting period.

His first job was at age 15 at Medieval Times, a family dinner theatre, earning $7.25 per hour.

Raised in Florida, the 34-year-old’s business acumen was clear at a young age since he had something up his sleeve even before the part-time job.

The Arab-American launched his own venture at 14 years old; an eBay store selling thrift shop goods out of his mother’s apartment. Ebraheem’s first self-funded venture, a roller shoes store, came three years later and propelled him to millionaire status before hitting 21.

Now living in one of the most extravagant cities with supercars and sprawling properties, his most cherished purchase to date is still the first Rolex he bought at age 17 for about Dh25,000 (approx $6,800).

He relocated to Dubai with his mother and heads the Al Samadi Group, which has brought several global brands to the UAE, notably Big Smoke Burger and Forever Rose London.

Originally a brand that exclusively sold lifelong roses, the company was acquired by the Al Samadi Group in 2014 and has expanded to the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Viewers saw Ebraheem’s Forever Rose Cafe in his drama with Zeina and Safa

Audiences were transported to Ebraheem’s workplace for the first time when Zeina and Safa marched up to Forever Rose Cafe, accusing him of being two-faced for revealing their gossip to Farhana Bodi.

Claiming he wasn’t choosing sides, he believed he was in the right for informing Farhana about the hurtful comments the girls were making behind her back.

Things escalated when Zeina interrupted him to say that she wasn’t his employee, prompting Ebraheem to hit back with “maybe one day you’ll be.”

A coffee-throwing altercation broke out two episodes later which saw Ebraheem stomp up to Zeina’s office demanding to purchase High Mark Real Estate, presumably to “make her” his employee. He was prepared for a takeover; he even brought paperwork.

From his rocky blind date with LJ, to his unresolved feud with Zeina and Safa, we are begging for Ebraheem’s return in season 2.



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