Netflix has dropped episodes 9-12 of The Circle but when is the season 5 final? We’ve seen players and catfishes come and go, and even the return of some Circle veterans. Season 5 hasn’t been short of drama, to say the least.

The streaming service has kept fans on the edge of their seats as they’ve been releasing episodes gradually since the start date in December. But viewers will be pleased to know that there’s only one more wait to go until the big reveal.

We take a look into The Circle episode 9 and when The Circle final will grace our screens.

The Circle episode 9 shows players getting ‘wild’

The episode is the first in the last batch, as Netflix dropped episodes 9-12 on 11 January, with the only remaining episode being the season 5 finale.

Although the competition is heating up, it doesn’t mean the contestants still can’t have a bit of fun. The episode shows the cast getting dressed up as wild animals when The Circle invites them to an animal instinct party.

However, the episode was not all fun and games, when a hacker impersonates an unsuspecting character. And it seems like the hacker’s actions are causing havoc throughout the later episodes.

The Circle animal instict party
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When is The Circle season 5 final?

The Circle final will land on Netflix on 18 January, so viewers will have to wait a week until they find out who comes out victorious.

The finale will be the first time the contestants all meet face to face, and they’ll find out who’s been truthful and who’s been catfishing the whole time.

If the season 5 episodes are anything to go by, we can be sure to expect an explosive finale!

What time do new episodes of The Circle season 5 release?

Netflix releases new episodes of its shows at 12:00 am pt. In Eastern time this is 3:00  a.m. (ET).

In Korean Standard time, it is 5:00 pm, in Indian Standard Time, this is 1:30 am. As per GMT hours, it will be 8:00 am.

Time to set those alarms!



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