After an intense weddings episode where only two out of the five couples at the alter said “I do”, fans were left on the edge of their seat as they had to wait an entire week to find out what happened to the couples, during the reunion episode of Love Is Blind.

Netflix finally dropped the episode on 4 March 2022 and it was insightful and intense, to say the least. The cast addressed the audience’s long-awaited questions and their own unfinished business with their exes too.

Though we had a lot of our questions answered, fans have been left wondering when the reunion episode was filmed. Keep reading if you want to find out when the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion was filmed as well as what went down.

Marry Me Now | Series premiere Trailer | OWN

Marry Me Now | Series premiere Trailer | OWN
Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion. Picture: Love is Blind Season 2 Reunion | Shake Claims Love Is Blurry | Netflix

When was the Love is Blind Season 2 reunion filmed?

Fans are wondering after the season finished, how soon after the reunion was filmed as a lot of the cast member’s wounds still appeared fresh.

Netflix confirmed to Today that the reunion episode was filmed almost a year ago in the springtime of 2021 – and we thought we had to wait long!

The cast wasn’t too happy with Shake

Lots went down during the episode with all of the couples addressing their issues, from Shayne saying the wrong name in the pods, to Danielle and Nick opening up about therapy. However, one of the most common themes was the cast putting Shake on blast for his actions during the series.

The first thing Shake said on the episode was, “I’m nervous about how this will be edited” which didn’t set him up for a good start. He was questioned by the host’s Nick and Vanessa Lachey but seemed to defend the majority of his actions.

Some of the cast members were so upset with Shake that they unfollowed him on social media. One of these people was Nick, who explained:

You’re so unbearable. You think everybody thinks the same way as you, and that’s the problem. No one thinks the way you think. And it hurts people,

Nick, Love Is Blind

Shake continued to surprise the cast during the reunion with his “outlandish” comments and was noticed for smiling during a clip being shown to him of his comments on weight and women’s bodies. – Let’s just say Shake wasn’t the most popular person at the party.

What went down with the other couples?

In terms of the rest of the cast members, there was a lot of information, so we will do our best to sum it all up.

In terms of Nick and Danielle, the main thing we took from them is that they have been going to couples therapy to work on their communication skills. Danielle was open throughout the series about her mental health and Nick struggled to understand her. We are happy the couple are working on their issues so they can stay happily married.

Shayne said he sees himself as the “s*x addict” of the show after making an enthusiastic joke about Danielle and Nick breaking their furniture in the bedroom. Shayne often spoke about s*x during the season and frequently asked Shaina what she was wearing whilst in the pods.

In terms of Salvador and Mallory, after ending the season saying they wanted to go on a date with each other, they did just that. However, Mallory revelaed the spark wasn’t there enough for them to continue trying.

The episode was filled with information and lots more details, so if you want to know exactly what went down, head over to Netflix now.



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