When was Win the Wilderness: Alaska filmed? From casting British couples to filming on location

After a successful first run on BBC Two back in January 2020, Win the Wilderness: Alaska now has gained a global audience, airing on Netflix around the world from Wednesday, April 22nd.

The competition series follows six couples from the UK as they compete for a unique prize: a property in the Alaskan wilderness.

But as Win the Wilderness has aired around the world, many questions have been raised about the series. Primarily about how and why it was made.

So, when was Win the Wilderness filmed? Find out about the production process from casting to filming and more.

Win the Wilderness: Alaska ep 1 (No. 1) – Picture Shows: Tina and Chris – (C) Twofour – Photographer: Twofour

How Win the Wilderness: Alaska works

Six British couples were selected to compete for ownership of Ose Mountain in Alaska, a three-storey log cabin built up from the ground by Duane and Rena Ose.

Throughout the six episodes, the couples take part in a series of challenges which will test their capabilities and resourcefulness in the wild. Duane and Rena oversee these challenges and at the end pick the winning couples.

As they are handing over the keys to their life’s work, it is an emotional decision for Duane and Rena, who have overseen the property for the previous three decades. In fact, the Oses announced that if they didn’t have faith in any of the couples, they wouldn’t give them ownership!

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Why are there British couples on Win the Wilderness?

Given that the show sees couples compete for ownership of a property in Alaska, many viewers were confused as to why the cast is British rather than American. As the prize is winning a house, the British winners would have to apply for VISAs and for a Green Card if they were planning on moving to Alaska full-time.

The reasons the couples are British is that the only network which was willing to pick up the show was the BBC.

TwoFour, the show’s production team, pitched the series to multiple American networks, but none picked it up. They then approached the BBC and found success. As Duane and Rena Ose were paid for Ose Mountain – they obviously did not just give away their property for free – BBC was the only network ready to pick up the bill. Clearly, it’s paid off!

It makes sense that the BBC only used British couples, as it was the UK audience it was initially broadcasting to.

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When was Win the Wilderness filmed?

  • June 2019

All of the couples landed in Alaska in late May 2019 and filming took place throughout June. At this time of year, the sun doesn’t set, so there was constant daylight for the duration of filming.

The six couples who ended up on the show found out they would be starring on it back in February 2019. The producers did a major call-out for applicants across many different forms of social media; Theo and Bee found out about the competition through Facebook, as the producer posted an ad on their Alternative Living Page.




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