Where and when was Queer Eye Season 6 filmed for Netflix?

Where and when was Queer Eye Season 6 filmed for Netflix?

Queer Eye Season 6 is officially on Netflix, but if you were wondering where and when the new season was filmed, we’ve got you covered. We explore the filming locations for the latest episodes…

The Fab Five began the franchise in the hustle and bustle of New York City for communities in and around Atlanta. But fast-forward to six seasons later and the search for heroes takes place in a whole new location.

Grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, stylist Tan France, chef Antoni Porowski, designer Bobby Berk and lifestyle coach Karamo Brown have teamed up to head to a specific area for the sixth season.

But where and when did they get together? Reality Titbit has the lowdown.

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Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Where was Queer Eye Season 6 filmed?

Season 6 was filmed in Austin, Texas. Plans to shoot there started back in December 2019, when people were reportedly standing in line were getting flyers about a Queer Eye casting call in the city.

They were queuing for the Jonathan Van Ness: Road to Beijing show and were handed flyers Thursday asking for nominations. So planning definitely started early for its end of 2021 release!

Kitted out in boots, cowboy hats, and tight jeans, the Fab Five didn’t hold back from looking the part. Showrunner Jennifer Lane told Entertainment Weekly:

Texas and Austin are rich culturally and have many diverse, relatable, complex layers. Austin and its surrounding communities are home to a wealth of our favorite kind of stories — ones that are not often told. And, to top it off, it’s fun to see The Fab 5 in cowboy boots!

Netflix: When was the sixth season shot?

Queer Eye Season 6 began filming in March 2020, and had one day left to shoot when it was announced that production could not go ahead due to Covid-19 measures.

Bobby Berk told Entertainment Weekly that they were all “exhausted mentally, emotionally, physically” as they had not stopped working, so the break was welcomed by several of the cast.

Thinking they had just two weeks to resume filming, it actually took a year-long wait to get the final few scenes shot. But luckily, filming started back up this spring ahead of its December 31st release.

Queer Eye Season 6 locations explored

One place the Fab Five visited was El Arroyo, a Mexican restaurant with four-star Google reviews. The eatery offers hand-squeezed margaritas, Black Angus beef tacos and is famous for its outside marquee sign!

They also head to Austin-based school Navarro High, which they have just one week to plan prom as part of their committee. The educational establishment is rated an A campus by the Texas Education Agency.

Jonathan Van Ness asks a couple of students while wearing a sequined black gown: “Are we going to slay this prom so hard? Are we gonna look better than we’ve ever even thought about looking?”

The Queer Eye stars also head to Eastside Pedal Pushers, a local bike shop in Texas. The store offers revamped and new cycles, parts and accessories, plus repair services, while focusing on commuting and touring.



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