Love Is Blind: After The Altar gave us all the tea on what had been happening with the season 3 cast since filming, including Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden, but where are they now?

The last we saw it seemed like the Love Is Blind exes were on good terms although Nancy did admit to meeting her ex behind her family’s back.

However, it seems like that may not be the case anymore. We take a look at where the Netflix couple stands now.

Nancy met up with Bartise behind her family’s back

Love Is Blind: After The Altar saw Nancy and Bartise meeting up for a drink, and the exchange seemed quite pleasant.

However, Nancy confessed that her parents didn’t know she was meeting him, even though they had been meeting up for a year.

To be honest, it’s probably for the best, given the exchanges that went down between Nancy’s family and Bartise after the wedding.

The wedding was no fairytale

Love Is Blind fans will remember the drama that went down at Nancy and Bartise’s wedding when he said no at the altar (who can forget).

But, if you did seem to forget, don’t worry because After The Altar provides viewers with a flashback, and we’re living for seeing the drama a second time.

Nancy’s brother began shouting at Bartise for wasting all of their time, and most importantly, his sisters.

Rodriguez explained to Bartise that her family spoke out on the hurt she felt but couldn’t say.

Where are Nancy and Bartise now?

Bartise is set to appear on Netflix’s new crossover dating show, Perfect Match. The show was filmed a year ago though, so we’ll have to find out after if he’s still single or not.

As for Nancy, from her Instagram, it seems like she’s still grinding while living her best life in New York.

The pair do still follow each other on Instagram, so it would seem like they’re still on good terms.

However, Nancy revealed to US Weekly that they’re not as close as they were before. She said the friendship chapter closed after she felt ‘disrespected’ by him.

When asked if she missed his friendship, the star said: “I don’t wanna be shady, but like, no, it really didn’t do anything for me.” Ouch!



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