In the latest dating show from Netflix, relationships are put to the ultimate test as six couples stay in the idyllic setting of Ibiza, Spain all while being subjected to lie detector tests throughout the series. Nerves run high during the season as infidelities are exposed leading to tears and tantrums.

Contestants have the chance to win €100,000 euros, but if they fail to tell the truth the jackpot will reduce each time lies are told.

It was a drama-filled series where we witnessed all of the ups and downs in the couple’s relationships but where are they now?

Who won the grand prize on Love Never Lies?

According to The Cinemaholic, Paula and Daniel walked away from the show hand-in-hand and also with the grand prize.

By the looks of their Instagram accounts, the pair appear to be happier than ever after overcoming the obstacles in their relationship. Daniel even admitted that he would marry Paula in the future.

Where are the couples from Love Never Lies now?

Cristina and Carles- Together

Cristina and Carles were dating for four years before appearing on Love Never Lies, and they experienced heartbreak and trust issues during their time on the show but managed to work through it all.

The Housewife & The Shah Shocker | Trailer | Hulu

The Housewife & The Shah Shocker | Trailer | Hulu

On Instagram, Cristina recently said: “I can also tell you that although we are not going through the best moment of our relationship, everything happens for something and in Amor Con Fianza we have also learned to be stronger than we already were because of everything we have overcome.”

Mar and Aleix- Together

When Mar and Aleix appeared on the Netflix dating show, they were deeply in love, however the issue the couple was facing appeared to be security. In particular, Aleix deemed Mar as jealous and Mar thought that her boyfriend was sometimes overly flirty.

Despite some questionable decisions made on Love Never Lies like Aleix sharing a bed with single girl Alexandria, Mar forgave him and the pair currently appear to be stronger than ever.

Adrian and Laura- Together

Adrian and Laura appeared to have an extremely turbulent relationship full of lies and infidelity. As seen on the show, Adrian is an avid partygoer but never invites his girlfriend.

At one point, it seemed like Laura would leave Adrian, however, they appear to have worked through their issues and continue to be happy in a relationship with one another.

Kevin and Katherine- Separated

Kevin and Katherine have now separated after appearing on Love Never Lies because at times she doubted his sexuality. The couple entered the experiment to build trust in their relationship, however, they decided to leave upon breaking up in the fifth episode.

Per The Cinemaholic, Katherine is now back together with her ex-boyfriend Elias while Kevin appears to be enjoying single life in Tenerife.

Jose and Fran- Together

Jose and Fran first started dating around seven or eight years ago dependent on which one of them you ask. But, the pair do agree that it was love at first sight.

Issues in their relationship were highlighted on the show, but the pair are reportedly still together despite not posting much about their relationship on social media.

Paula and Daniel- Together

Granda natives Paula and Daniel decided to appear on Love Never Lies after hitting a rough patch in their relationship that highlighted trust and affection issues.

With truth and newly discovered mutual respect for one another, the pair were able to walk away from the show together deeply in love.

Will there be a Season 2 of Love Never Lies?

Currently, there have been no renewal announcements regarding the release of season 2 of Love Never Lies on Netflix.

However, we believe that the reality dating series has a good chance of being renewed due to its popularity with viewers.

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