Where does Netflix's Love On The Spectrum take place?

Where does Netflix's Love On The Spectrum take place?

Love On The Spectrum season two is here, shining a light into the world of autism and dating, which leads to the question of where it is filmed.

Season one favorites Chloe, Mark, and Michael are coming back onto our Netflix watch list, along with some newbies looking for love.

The background suggests the new season’s stars have a camera set up in their bedrooms, but the date settings have viewers questioning its location.

Reality Titbit looked into the romantic venues that the LOTS cast have been visiting, and where the crew usually set up their filming cameras.

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Love on the Spectrum Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Love on the Spectrum Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where is Love On The Spectrum filmed?

The Netflix show was filmed in New South Wales, Australia.

Camera crew followed the Love On The Spectrum stars as they attended dates across the area, in multiple parts of New South Wales.

A couple of scenes were also filmed in Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, Nevada, when Jimmy and Sharnae paid a visit to the city.

The film crew reportedly contacted various autism organisations in the country prior to filming the series.

Love On The Spectrum: Date venues

Several of the dates have been very romantic, from candle-lit dinners to more casual meet-ups in a park cafe.

One of the shoot locations was Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, with a beautiful coastal view in the background.

Set in the same area of Maleny, Jayden visited Maleny Botanic Gardens for a date, where he went for a date at the bird sanctuary.

Another date – one for the car lovers – was at Ronan’s local racing track, where he took his date on a speedy ride to show off his skills.

This date venue is called Sydney Motorsports Park, where he volunteers. Both him and his date are seen dancing outside Scotch & Co, at Darling Harbour in New South Wales.

There is also a couple of park dates, which takes place between Teo and her date Rosie, as well as Mark and Sienna.

And if you wanted to know that tear-jerking wedding location for Jimmy and Sharnae’s special day – it is Fernbank Farm in Wyong!

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Viewers react to the Netflix show’s location

Looking through social media, it is clear to see many viewers are impressed with the show’s gorgeous location.

One fan said: “The scenery in Australia is just gorgeous, the plants and flowers. Awesome birds as well. #LoveOnTheSpectrum.”

Another wrote: “Mark is back! That man needs to be a tour guide at the zoo or bird sanctuary. Man knows his birds.”

And of course, the beautiful wedding left many fans in absolute tears.

“Jimmy and Sharnae have me in TEARS their wedding is the sweetest most pure thing I’ve ever seen MY GOD”, said a viewer.



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